Environmental Practices and Policies

Waste management is all about inputs and outputs. Through recycling initiatives, UFV strives to see that campus waste is managed in a responsible and sustainable way, minimizing its potential impact to the planet, and providing a social benefit to the UFV communities. Scroll down for more information.

Paper Recycling

At various locations throughout the University, paper recycling bins are in place for easy disposal of any paper materials that you no longer require. Such materials include:

  • printer/office paper/junk mail
  • magazines
  • paper board (ie. food boxes)
  • cardboard
  • newspapers
  • wrapping paper 

UFV is always looking for ways to improve efficiency and convenience in recycling and is currently investigating and researching ways to do just that. We will keep you posted should any methods be put in place. 

Bottle and Can Recycling‌‌

Beverage containers are deposited into designated beverage recycling bins throughout campus hallways and are collected weekly by a recycling collection business that is run and operated by people with special needs who then collect 100% of the proceeds and because of this we ask that you please refrain from recycling your bottles in classrooms and instead deposit them out in the halls. Materials include:

  • plastics (pop, juice, water, etc.)
  • aluminium (pop, juice, water, etc.)
  • glass (pop, non-alcoholic beverages, etc.)
  • cartons (juice only)
  • pouches (juice, kool-aid, etc.)
  • metal cans (tomato juice, beverage cans, etc.)

Mixed Recycling

UFV is pleased to announce that as of April 2016, mixed recycling will be introduced throughout campus. Previously, it was contained in a few discrete departments. C building is the first building to receive the switch over, likely followed by the Student Union Building. If you are unsure of goes in the mixed recycling, please look here. 


  • Plastics #1, 2, 4 and 5
  • Stretchy plastics (breadbags, plastic bags, ziploc bags, etc.)
  • Metals (tin, aluminum foil)
  • All paper recycling
  • Cardboard
  • Boxboard (kleenex boxes, cereal boxes, etc.)
  • Empty coffee cups (no lids - those go in the garbage)
  • Milk cartons and jugs



Currently in its beta-testing at Abbotsford campuses, UFV is looking to turn any perishable food items into rich soil perfect for gardening and landscaping. There are currently 5 locations where compostable material can be dropped off:

  1. Cafeteria B105
  2. Tim Hortons location G168
  3. U-House F124
  4. Road Runner Cafe A219
  5. Baker House H102

Materials that can be compostable are the following:

  • fruits and veggies
  • coffee filters/tea bags
  • Tim Horton coffee cups (no lids please)
  • meat and dairy products (in smaller quantities)

Bin be Gone

UFV has now centralized recycling stations in office spaces to reduce the number of individual waste bins. This allows faculty and staff to think about what they are throwing away and place it in the appropriate container while allowing janitorial staff some flexibility in their time to focus on other cleaning tasks throughout the university.

Recycling Bin Locations: For a list of paper/waste/composting stations

Shipping and Receiving

The Shipping and Recylcing Department (located in the D building in Abbotsford) has made the commitment to collect and recycle:

  • Toner cartridges from laser printers, fax machines, and copiers
  • Batteries
  • Electronics (CPUs, monitors, keyboards, laptops, mice)
  • Appliances
  • Metal (old shelving, carts, furniture and equipment)

Shipping and Receiving at UFV also saves and re-uses packing foam, paper, plastic, and styro chips.  They prefer to donate useful items (furniture), but will take materials to recycling or garbage depending on the condition of the item. Please note Shipping and Receiving only handles UFV generated waste & surplus.


Contact Information

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