Making a difference at UFV and beyond

This profile page is dedicated to individuals who are making a difference at UFV and beyond.  These individuals are stepping forward and making a difference in how we treat the environment.  If you wish to be profiled for your environmental work, please contact us.  Thank you.

Tetsuomi Anzai (Visual Arts)

Dr. Allan Arndt (Biology)

Tom Baumann (Agriculture)

Adam Bodnar (Facilities)

Dr. Trevor Carolan (English)
Currently the International Editor of the Pacific Rim Review of Books, he teaches English and Creative Writing at University of the Fraser Valley. -more-

Abhishek Chaurasia (Facilites)

Dr. Tim Cooper (Physics)
Tim has taken an interest in climate change ever since his grade 12 physics teacher told the class about it and the possible danger it presented to them. Tim carried that thought with him through life, and in 2005 decided he had to do something about climate change. -more-

Leslie Courchesne (Marketing)

Christine Dalton (Biology)

Dr. Sharon Gillies (Biology)
Has Godzilla moved into your neighbourhood?  That is what I call Japanese knotweed and its hybrids.  This invasive species has long been a problem in England and other areas, and is now spreading in many areas of Canada. -more-

I am researching in collaboration with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI), Steve Marsh, UFV Geography Department, and Alida Janmaat, UFV Biology Department the Fraser River water quality.  Several UFV Biology and Geography students are involved in collecting Fraser River water quality data and samples for analysis at WHOI. -more-

Pat Harrison (Biology)
Pat currently teaches courses in first year biology, second year ecology, third year plants and animals, and a fourth year mycology course.  He has supervised fourth year biology students in mycololgy and composting  research projects.  His main interest lies in taxonomy and systematics of organisms.  He also owns and operates an organic blueberry farm in Surrey, and serves on both the City of Surrey Agriculture Advising Committee and the Metro Vancouver Agriculture Advising Committee.  He also heads up Hike BC, an organization dedicated to building the National Hiking Trail of Canada in British Columbia.

Dr. Paul Herman (Philosophy and Political Science)

Dr. Alida Janmaat (Biology)

Martin Kelly (Student Services)

Dr. Vicki Marlatt (Biology)

Steven Marsh (Geography)
My current projects are all in the lower Fraser Valley, and include water monitoring in the Little Campbell River watershed; nitrate testing in the Abbotsford-Sumas aquifer; and the hydrological mapping of the Silverdale Creek wetlands and drainage ditching in Abbotsford. -more-

Blair McFarlane (Facilities)
Blair joined UFV in April 2016 in the role of Energy Manager. Having a passion for sustainability and the environment, he pursued a Geography degree, and supplimented it with a certificate in Sustainable Energy Management. He now drives UFV's energy efficiency projects, inititatives and reporting, striving for a 10% reduction in energy intensity by 2021/22. If you have any energy saving ideas, or suggestions for improving campus sustainability, please contact Blair at:  

Rose Morrison (Agriculture)

Dr. Lenore Newman (Geography)
The goal of my Canada Research Chair in Food Security and Environment is to understand Canada's foods of locality; that is the foods that help define our regions and help define our overall identity as a nation. -more-

Lesley Poh (English)
For Lesley, sustainability begins at home. She and her family have recycled newspapers, bottles and cans as long as Abbotsford has had a recycling program. Four years ago though she and her husband made a larger commitment to being more sustainable when they built their new home and installed on-demand hot water, energy efficient furnace with programmed thermostat, and the most energy efficient windows they could afford.

Dr. Michelle Rhodes (Geography)
Currently, I am researching the changing cultures and nature of work, settlement, and ecologies in the forest-urban fringe of northwestern US communities. My teaching interests also include national park histories and management, North American regional and political geography, Vancouver’s urban development, and rural and small town ecologies and social geographies. -more-

Dr. Greg Schmaltz (Biology)

Shelley Stefan (Visual Arts)

is an artist and faculty member in the Visual Arts Department at UFV.  Although her focus is in the Visual Arts, she also has a great love of nature and has been involved in several local environmental initiatives in the Fraser Valley -more-

Dr. Steve Thomas (Biology)
As the earth's human population has increased, natural systems have declined, and changes
in the balance of natural cycles have had a negative impact on both humans and other living

The goal of our research program is twofold: Isolation and molecular characterization of indigenous microorganisms for use in bioremediation of toxic spills within the Fraser Valley. -more-

Craig Toews (Campus Planning)

Dr. Sven van de Wetering (Psychology)

Dr. Debbie Wheeler (Biology)
I am an entomologist. Well, that is what my colleagues and qualifications will tell you. An entomologist studies insects, and do you know how many of them there are out there? Well, conservative estimates put it in the over a million range. -more-

Scott Varga (IMS)

Monikea Vondras (Finance)

Luanne Yellowfly (Social, Cultural, and Media Studies)
Worldviews on environment and human relationships with nature, human relationships with animals, and the social role of animals in human societies; local aboriginal affairs -more-

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