Criteria to Apply for Field Placement

Students must have successfully completed all of the pre-requisite courses for SOWK730 Practicum and Advanced Direct Practice Seminar.  Students must be available to complete the field placement hours and ensure that the field placement course is their last course to complete. Students are required to provide a Criminal Record check completed through the Ministry of Justice. In some cases, students may need to update immunizations pending the criteria outlined by agencies.

Application Process for Field Placement

Students complete the MSW Field Placement Request form on line using the IPT database and submit a current resume via email to the Field Education Assistant. Applications and resumes are reviewed by the Field Education Coordinator and interviews are scheduled. Students are to prepare for this interview by thinking about their prior experiences, populations that they have worked with and skills they have already acquired.  Based on this reflection, it is hopeful that students will be able to identify skills they hope to acquire and populations they have not worked with to enhance their current scope of practice.  The Field Education Coordinator works closely with students to select field placements that will build on prior skills and provide a challenging experience to students.  It is recommended that students come prepared to discuss their strengths, challenges, and goals for the field placement. The interviews are attended by the student, Field Education Coordinator, and MSW Committee Chair 

Finding Your Own Field Placement

The Field Education Coordinator is open to MSW students bringing forth suggestions for a potential field placement and is supportive of students sharing their contacts for potential placements. It is important to allow the Field Education Coordinator to be the initial point of contact for any potential placement opportunities.  If the agency and potential field instructor meet all of the criteria, the Field Education Coordinator will explore the placement. 

Field Placement Forms

The Field Placement requires the completion of several forms. These forms are completed online through the Intern Placement Tracking (IPT) database. Students and Field Instructors will receive detailed IPT information and required usernames and passwords prior to the start of the field placement. If you are a current MSW student or Field Instructor and have not received your IPT username and password please contact the Field Education Assistant at 604-504-7441 local 4104. Please note the forms are provided here for your reference and will be completed online through the IPT database. 

MSW Field Placement Request Form‌ pdf

The first step in setting up your field placement is to complete the MSW Field Placement Request form in the IPT database. Students are also required to submit via email, to the Field Education Assistant, a current professional resume. Students will be made aware of all due dates. After the applications and resumes are reviewed an interview with the Field Education Coordinator and the MSW Chair will be scheduled.

Field Placement Contract‌ pdf

This form outlines the responsibilities of the Student, Field Instructor, Faculty Liaison, Social Work Consultant (if applicable) and Field Education Coordinator. Each person must read, complete, and sign the form.

Liability Form ‌pdf

This form outlines the coverage provided to the student during field placement. The dates of the field placement must be identified on this form. If a student is injured or involved in an accident during the course of the placement the Field Education Coordinator and Faculty Liaison must be notified within 24 hours. The school will work with the student to complete any required Worksafe BC forms.

Tally of Hours Form‌ pdf

The Tally of Hours form is a record of the hours spent in placement and the details of what you accomplished. Include details of how you spent your day. This can consist of meetings or training you attended tasks you completed or were assigned or research you completed etc. Also record the number of hours you were there. If you were there for 8 hours and had an hour for lunch please record 7 hours for that day. Please Note this form is used for the duration of the placement and is signed once the 450 placement hours are complete.

MSW Learning Contract‌ pdf

This form is to be completed by the student.  MSW advanced practice goals are outlined in the form and are designed to apply to all field placements.  Students are to identify their own learning objectives within the larger goals and are to identify how they will meet their objectives at their field placement site.  In addition students will identify how the learning will be evaluated.

MSW Mid-Term Field Placement Evaluation ‌ pdf

This is a joint process that requires a commitment of time by the student and the field instructor.  Please allow time to complete the evaluation in a thoughtful and self-reflective manner refer to the Learning Contract when completing the evaluation.

MSW Final Field Placement Evaluation ‌pdf

This is a joint process that requires a commitment of time by the student and the field instructor.  Please allow time to complete the evaluation in a thoughtful and self-reflective manner refer to the Learning Contract when completing the evaluation.


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