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Teacher Education

Practicums and field experiences

EDUC 410 — Orienting to Schools

As a component of EDUC 410 (Schooling in a Diverse Society), you will participate in Orienting to Schools, a three-day learning experience in a school setting that culminates in the development of a community ethnography presentation. You will be assigned to a school (not your practicum school) to learn about the ‘place’ of school in communities and gain an appreciation for the diversity and complexity of school cultures.


EDUC 490 — School Experience: Practicum 1

EDUC 490 introduces you to planning and assessing within the context of a classroom. Details are provided in the BEd Handbook 2020-2021. In addition, you will participate in orientations to familiarize yourself with the expectations of the school experience.


EDUC 492 — Integration of Knowledge and Practice: Certifying Practicum

The certifying practicum is designed to scaffold and immerse you into the full spectrum of teaching responsibilities in your professional role as a classroom teacher. Please note that further details are available in the BEd Handbook 2020-2021‌. There are several orientations available for you, your teacher mentor or faculty mentor, to ensure that everyone has sufficient information and all questions are answered.


Additional field experiences

As part of a professional program, you are expected to participate in field trips to local schools, community education centres, and cultural education centres within Metro Vancouver. The learning experiences are integral to the courses within the Bachelor of Education and the program as a whole. Field trips will involve travel by motor vehicle to and from UFV and may involve a certain degree of risk.


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