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Teacher Education

Mission, values and goals

Bachelor of Education goals

The Bachelor of Education program goals are developed out of the five department values and are competencies to be demonstrated by an effective teacher upon completion of the program. The fourteen goals are organized into three key areas and sequenced in a developmental progression.

Demonstrating a strong, professional, teacher presence

  1. Professional
  2. Strong connection with students
  3. Classroom management
  4. Reflective practitioner
  5. Working with feedback
  6. Clear and observable vision 

Demonstrating knowledge and skills related to teaching

  1. Knowledge of students
  2. Knowledge of content
  3. Effective communication with students
  4. Effective teaching practices
  5. Valid and reliable assessment practices
  6. Inclusive and individualized teaching

Becoming a positive member of the school and the community

  1. Working respectfully with parents
  2. Contributing to school culture and community


The Bachelor of Education’s program goals are complex and in alignment with the standards of professional practice for teachers in B.C. We, as a department, are committed to the program goals and uphold these standards of practice in coursework, school practica, and our daily lives. Further details on the program goals, including examples of observable actions related to each goal, can be found in our Bachelor of Education student handbook‌.

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Yuri & Suman share why they're pursuing careers in education, what they love about teaching, and advice for anyone who's interested in becoming a teacher.

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