Admission Interviews

Interviews for admission to the Bachelor of Education (BEd) are made by invitation each year to current applicants who have met all academic admission requirements. The admission interview follows a Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI) format, where each applicant will rotate through several interview stations.

The MMI is designed to assess critical, non-academic characteristics vital for successful completion of the UFV BEd program in preparation for a career as a teacher in BC. During the MMI process, applicants apply general knowledge and personal experiences to issues relevant to the society in which they live and the BC education system which they hope to join as an educator. Unlike traditional interview formats, each applicant is assessed by four separate interviewers, thus allowing multiple perspectives of the same applicant. During the interview process, applicants respond to questions or scenarios that demonstrate how the applicant thinks, how they communicate, and how they problem solve. Indirectly, applicants will also demonstrate their capacity to be flexible in their thinking, their general interest in learning and their sensitivity to others. Note: The questions or scenarios have no right or wrong answers; it is the explanation that the interviewers are interested in.

The interview cycle begins with a short introduction to the process; then each applicant will move sequentially through four different interview stations, located in four different rooms. Each station will take 10 minutes to complete. The applicant will be given two minutes to read each question and then respond for seven minutes. The entire interview cycle takes about one hour. Please note that interviews take place at the Abbotsford campus and must be in-person. There are no provisions for distance interviews.

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