Awneet Sivia`s Biography

I joined UFV as a faculty member in January 2011, serving as the Teacher Education Department Head from January 2011 to June 2014. Prior to joining UFV, I was a K-12 educator having taught secondary science in Merritt and Maple Ridge schools. During my first year of teaching, I was honoured to be nominated for an excellence in teaching award. From 2002-2009, I was a faculty associate and coordinator at SFU teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses. While at SFU, I worked with pre-service teachers in the PDP, foreign credentialed teachers in the PQP and paraprofessionals seeking certification as teachers in the PLP. My work included pioneering the establishment of a district-based teacher education module in Maple Ridge and the development of the Professional Linking Program.  My master’s thesis, a qualitative study, explored the notion of “learning conversations” (Sivia, 1998) as a form of critical pedagogy that addressed power and student voice within the unique context of a self-directed, self-paced learning model school.  I am currently completing a PhD through SFU in teacher education focusing on “signature pedagogies” (Shulman, 2004) that support the expression of “third spaces” (Bhabha, 2000) in becoming a teacher. I have presented papers at local, national and international conferences on science education, diversity pedagogy, teacher identity development and reflective practice and am currently engaged in an inter-institutional self-study of diversity pedagogy in teacher education. As a faculty member in the Teacher Education Department, I teach courses in diversity education, science education (elementary, middle and secondary), action research, reflective practice and integrating technology across curriculum. I am passionate about teaching, learning and education and I value the opportunity to cultivate agency, vision and engagement in future teachers through my work in the program. My journey as an educator, thankfully, continues to unfold in exciting ways.  

I live in Maple Ridge with my family and enjoy the outdoors, traveling, and cooking.  I am a member of a women’s dragon boating team, belong to the Indo Canadian Women’s Organization of BC and I was invited as a keynote speaker at the South Asian Family Association event in 2013. 

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