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Working with multilingual learners

This section of the Teaching and Learning website offers actionable tips, tools, methods, and strategies for teaching multilingual learners.

Questions, feedback, and suggestions regarding the multilingual learners' resources, as well as any practical strategies you have successfully used in your classroom, may be sent to in the English Language Studies department.

Classroom practices

Explore practical classroom strategies and discover innovative methods to support multilingual learners in the classroom.

Assessment and feedback

Discover best practices in adapting assessment strategies and providing feedback to multilingual learners. 

Academic integrity and plagiarism

Master how to effectively introduce the concepts of academic honesty and plagiarism to multilingual students.

Intercultural communication

Learn how to engage learners in reflection on diversity-related issues and to facilitate meaningful dialogue and genuine cross-cultural connections in the classroom.

References and additional information

A list of recommended resources to dive deeper into the intricacy of teaching multilingual learners.

Robin Kleiv

The Teaching and Learning Centre has been an invaluable resource for me. After reaching out to express my interest in pursuing research in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL), I was put into contact with Dr. Mary Saudelli. Together we developed a research project and a successful grant application. We are now working on this project with strong support from Teaching and Learning. I am keen to broaden my research in SOTL with the assistance of the Teaching and Learning Centre. Moreover, TLC continually inspires me as I work to hone my skills as an educator.

  • – Robin Kleiv
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