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Teaching and Learning Centre

Consultation and learning design

The Teaching and Learning Centre encourages the use of evidence-based practices through a coaching and mentoring approach to support faculty members as they grow their learning methods or incorporate new educational tools.

Book a one-on-one consultation, get your course evaluated, or access video-based programs on a wide range of professional development topics.

With the help of the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC), I am more myself in the classroom now — independent of both the past and peers. I am not afraid to try things that are different, weird or possibly not “university-enough”. Having Mary and Maureen to bounce my ideas off of is reassuring. The TLC is here to help us keep up with our evolving student body. Because, in the end, what matters isn’t how I teach but how students learn. As students change, the TLC will continue to help me change.

  • – Dr. Renee Prasad
  •    Agriculture

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