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You gain hands-on experience working in all areas of theatre, from house manager, to lead actor, to costume dresser, to props designer.

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COVID-19 Message from UFV SoCA

Updated November 2020

Dear Students,

Most classes offered in Winter 2021 by the School of Creative Arts will continue to be in a fully online format, with a handful of courses utilizing blended instruction (both online and face-to-face instruction). For those courses that may appear on the Winter timetable as face to face instruction, please note that this is not for all weeks of the semester. In most cases, these face-to-face courses will retain several weeks of online instruction to reduce the amount of campus presence needed. Only when face-to-face delivery is essential to delivering course learning outcomes would you be required to attend studios and labs. As we progress into the new year and semester, information will continue to be updated on the SoCA website with details about face-to-face instruction, materials kits for Visual Arts and Theatre courses, and pre-booking access to SoCA spaces and equipment for students enrolled in online courses.

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Set the stage for success

Graduate with an array of skills that employers—both inside and outside the arts—demand and that are essential for our knowledge economy that values collaboration, creative problem solving, communication skills, and flexibility.

Theatre doesn’t only teach you about theatre—how to read a script, hang lights, or stage manage a production—it also gives you transferable skills that prepare you for careers in a number of fields. For example, an acting class not only teaches you how to win every time you play charades, it also teaches you how to listen actively and effectively, to improvise in social situations, to perform in front of an audience (whether in a theatre, a meeting room, or a sales pitch), and to place yourself in another person's shoes empathizing with people whose situations are different from your own.

Theatre students typically pursue careers in the creative and performing arts, and in education, although many of our students also find satisfying work in diverse fields, including criminal justice, health care, and business.

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