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Rocks by Herman Voaden

Directed by Claire Carolan

November 14-24, 2018

* Performances will take place between November 14 and 24, 2018. The exact dates and times will be published with the production schedule.

Rocks is Herman Voaden’s tenth play and the first of his experimental ‘multi-media’ dramas that he classified as ‘symphonic expressionist’. The plot follows a simple and familiar storyline – Set in an isolated Northern Ontario community, sometime between 1920 and 1935 (the actual location could be in any remote area in Canada). Mary, a young schoolteacher has fallen in love with Blake, a young trapper and hunter. Mary is waiting for her love to return from the wilderness, but he has died in a snowstorm trying to make his way back to her. Throughout the play, it is clear to the audience and Blake’s mother what has happened and slowly Mary realizes the truth and declares that she will stay in the remote north that Blake was so passionate about.

*see character descriptions below


2-5pm Tuesday April 17

*Dancers will be seen between 2-2:45pm as a group


Actors - A monologue of at least 1-2 minutes in length. Please consider the style of the show in choosing your monologue. Monologues from the script are welcome and encouraged.  

Dancers – Please dress in comfortable clothes that allow you to move.

Musicians – A short piece, 1-2minutes in length, of your choosing. You should expect to be asked to sight read one of the passages (they are in no way complex).


Note: those auditioning as musicians need to provide their own instruments


3-6pm, Thursday April 19

Callbacks will involve readings of scenes and some small group/pair work.

To Book An Audition

Contact: to request an audition. Please specify if you have a time preference.

Location: Abbotsford Campus, room number d105.

Please dress in comfortable clothes that will allow you to move. Those auditioning will be asked to fill out an audition form on the day of the audition, outlining previous performance experience and training as well as work, school, and personal schedule between September and November. While all members of the community are welcome to audition, please note that casting priority is given to those enrolled in UFV’s theatre program. UFV students participating as actors in main stage productions will receive either a 290 or 291 practicum credit for their participation.



To Work Backstage

Students may also choose to sign up for backstage or front of house roles and receive 299/399/499 practicum credits. The department cannot mount shows without students participating backstage. Backstage positions include; designing (lights, sound, projections, set, and / or costume), stage managing, lighting and sound operators, costume dressers, running crew, and make-up and hair assistants. We are aiming to have all backstage positions filled by mid-April. To request a position, or if you have a question, please contact Leigh Kerr at


Character Descriptions 

Mary Brown –Mary is a young woman around 25, a school teacher

Mrs. Martin –Blake’s Mother, 45 – 60. Pragmatic, capable.

Maxwell (could be Mr. or Mrs.) – the station agent

Ed Keenan & Bill Keenan – brothers 25-40. Hunters and lumberjacks have been out searching for Blake.

Dancers – 6 in total, 3 represent Mary and 3 represent Mrs. Martin. Need not be trained dancers but comfortable with movement and embodied expression.

Drummer – very simple, percussive Celtic style drumming.

Cello/Viola Player

Violin Player

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