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Course Offerings for 2018/2019


Summer 2018

Planning ahead? Here's a preview of the courses we'll be offering in the early session (May-June) of Summer 2018:


THEA 101- Introduction to Theatre (CANCELLED)



THEA 111- Acting Skills for Work and Life

Instructor: Anna Griffith

Location/Time: Abbotsford D105, Mon/Wed 10:00 – 12:50


THEA 111 introduces you to performance techniques relevant to various disciplines and to the workplace. You will improve your verbal and non-verbal communication skills; enhance your presentation, public speaking, and vocal abilities; and practice sustained attention, active listening, personal reflection, collaboration, and problem solving.

You do not need any theatre or acting experience to take this course and it is ideal for students in any program.


THEA 112 –Essentials of Acting

Instructor: Bruce Kirkley

Location/Time: Abbotsford D105, Tues/Thurs 13:00 – 15:50


THEA 112 is recommended for students planning to take additional acting courses and is required for Theatre Majors. This class will introduce you to the techniques actors use to create dramatic characters and effective performances.


THEA 307 – World Theatre

Instructor: Parjad Sharifi

Location/Time: Abbotsford D104, Mon/Wed 13:00 – 15:50


This course explores the history, literature, and performance practices of a variety of non-European theatre traditions, which could include Asian, African, and Indigenous forms of performance. Students will develop a critical appreciation of non-Western performance traditions and broaden their awareness of the definitions of theatre throughout the world.


Fall 2018/Winter 2019

Please note: This is a tentative list of course offerings and subject to change.

Students are encouraged to consult with the Theatre department head or Arts Advising to plan their specific course path.


Fall 2018

THEA 111 – Acting Skills for Work and Life

THEA 112 – Essentials of Acting

THEA 121 – Stagecraft I

THEA 203/ENGL 233 – History of Drama and Theatre, Antiquity – 1642

THEA 211 – Scene Study 1

THEA 312 – Acting III: Advanced Scene Study and Auditioning

THEA 352 – Devised Theatre 1

THEA 401 – Contemporary Theories of Theatre and Performance

THEA 290/291/295/299/399/499 – Theatre Practicums


Winter 2019

THEA 101 – Introduction to Theatre and Performance Studies

THEA 111 – Introduction to Acting

THEA 112 – Essentials of Acting

THEA 123 – Stagecraft 2

THEA 204/ENGL 234 – History of Drama and Theatre, 1642-1914

THEA 215 – Voice and Body I

THEA 316 – Special Topics in Acting and Performance

THEA 360 – Selected Topics in Theatre Studies

THEA 452 – Devised Theatre II

THEA 290/291/295/299/399/499 – Theatre Practicums

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