Theatre Major FAQ

Q: What are the requirements for the BA, Theatre Major?

A: The Theatre Major requirements are:

Lower-level: 24 Theatre credits

9 credits Performance Studies: all of THEA 101, THEA 203, and THEA 204

12 credits Creative Practice: all of THEA 112, THEA 121, THEA 123, and THEA 299

3 credits Theatre Electives: any 100/200 level THEA courses

Upper-level: 32 Theatre credits

4 credits Performance Studies: one of THEA 301, THEA 305, THEA 306, THEA 307, or THEA 360

4 credits Creative Practice: one of THEA 311, THEA 312, THEA 315, THEA 316, THEA 352, THEA 370, THEA 399, THEA 450

4 credits Theory: THEA 401

4 credits Capstone: one of THEA 451, THEA 490, THEA 499

16 credits Theatre Electives: any 300/400 level THEA courses.

Q: When can I declare a BA, Theatre Major?

A: Students wishing to declare a major in Theatre must complete three required courses for the Theatre major, with a minimum C grade in each course, prior to their formal declaration. Please refer to the Bachelor of Arts section for more information on declaration of majors.

Q: I’ve already graduated from UFV and want to return to take additional courses to complete a BA, Theatre Major. Can I do this?

A: Yes. Under the “Subsequent and Concurrent Bachelor Degree Policy” (Policy 98), UFV graduates can take the courses to complete the requirements of a higher degree in the same discipline. Contact advising for more information about this.


The close nature of UFV Theatre has nurtured my growth as an artist and set up a path to continue my growth as a scholar and fight director. I came as an emerging actor and since then I have had roles like actor, assistant stage-manager, designer, operator, director and choreographer.

  • – Phaydra-Rae Gagnon
  •    UFV Theatre student

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