Dr. Maureen Wideman
Director, Teaching & Learning

As a person new to UFV, I am fortunate to have accepted a position at an educational institution so devoted to students and good teaching. The UFV goal of having the best undergraduate education is a crucial component to every decision made.

We are living through an era of change, where everything around us is evolving and adapting at lightning speed. This is a challenge in higher education where the traditions are so important. Keeping that balance of tradition and innovation becomes difficult as the pressure to change can feel overwhelming and the resistance to change just as strong.

The role of a Teaching and Learning Centre becomes one of balance – respecting that need to maintain the academic tradition of teaching and research but also recognizing that the student experience in post-secondary is a bridging stage of life, one that lays the foundation for our students to meet the opportunities that lay beyond the grounds at UFV.

In the Teaching and Learning Centre, the staff are dedicated to ensuring our faculty have the information, skills, and support they require to develop great learning experiences for our students. We champion a student-centred approach, with accessible and interactive learning environments. We encourage faculty to explore new methods and reach beyond their comfort zones to challenge themselves as well as their students and they grow and improve their teaching abilities.

Teaching and Learning also provides direct support to students through services like poster, lamination and colour printing. We have a computer lab and expert staff to assist in multimedia projects. Supported Learning Groups, a key program to engage and support students in challenging courses, is also a very successful component of Teaching and Learning.

Want to talk teaching and learning? Please come and see us. Doing something new and you want to share? We’d love to hear about it. Having difficulty in a class or have an instructional problem – please come and see us. We want to help you, and in turn, help your students. We are here to support the teaching and learning needs of faculty, their students and UFV to ensure we continue to provide the best undergraduate education, wherever the future takes us.

Administrative Assistant, Teaching & Learning
Ruby Ord ruby.ord@ufv.ca 
604-504-7441 ext 4382

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