Teaching Matters Workshops


Capturing the Learning:  Using e-Portfolio

This workshop will outline the Best Practices for incorporating e-Portfolio in your teaching and learning practices. Features will include: assessment and feedback, design elements and embodying reflection in e-Portfolio.  Facilitated by:  Mary Saudelli & Michelle Johnson


Capturing the Learning:  Designing Rubrics

This workshop supports faculty in their design of rubrics for effective assessment.  The workshop will explore: types of rubric designs, success criteria and best practices.   Facilitated by:  Mary Saudelli


Making Marking Manageable: 3 Tips to Grade Written Work Efficiently and Effectively

Making Marking Manageable:  3 Tips to Grade Written Work Efficiently and Effectively

This workshop will share 3 evidence based “tips” for marking written work (essays, reports, etc) that have been shown to be both effective (make the grading a learning experience) and efficient (strategies to save time for the instructor).  There will be activities to engage in the “tips” and a period for discussion.  Facilitated by:  Mary Saudelli


 Please view our workshop schedule for availability or connect with us directly to have a workshop run for your department.

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