Study Resources and Prerequisite Links for Students

This section is intended for student use. The intention is that faculty may refer students to these resources to help them with studying, brushing up on prerequisite knowledge, and acquiring technological skills. It includes prerequisite resources or videos, links to labs performed in settings impossible to replicate at UFV, scientific writing examples, study apps, LaTeX materials, Excel materials, SPSS materials, information about Windows file management, and using network drives on campus.

Key Concept Videos

Please note that the following are sample links, and if you are looking for a specific topic, searching YouTube for that topic is a great first step to finding an explanation that is helpful. Not all explanations are always correct online, so the specific topic links included below are only links that have been suggested by UFV faculty. If you have a favorite resource link that you’d like to add, please suggest it in the Changes and Additions Form



  • ExcelIsFun YouTube Channel – a comprehensive collection of Excel tutorials with downloadable worksheets (see here for a statistical analysis example)


File Management

Mobile Apps for Studying

A great study idea is to find an app on your mobile device that will help you study your content. There are no recommended apps at this time, but if you have one to suggest, please use the Changes and Additions Form.

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