Resources for Teaching and Learning Online

Student Success Coaching for Online Learners Webinar

This webinar show how incorporating an interactive & responsive coaching program for Online learners can help support overall student success efforts.


Pause, Play, Repeat:  Using Pause Procedure in Online MicroLectures

"Pause procedure incorporates many of the best practices when it comes to online and active learning, including creating instructor presence, emphasizing metacognition, and aligning with outcomes-based learning." 
by Judity Dutill and Melissa Wehler

Building Student Trust in Online Learning Environments

"As online learning continues to gain widespread attention and thrive as a legitimate alternative to classroom instruction, educational institutions and online instructors face the challenge of building and sustaining student trust in online learning environments."
by Ye Diana Wang 

How to Curate your Digital Identity as an Academic

"If you don’t manage your online presence, you are allowing search engines to create it for you" 
by Kelli Marshall

The latest issue of the Teaching Innovation Projects (TIPS) Journal

TIPS is an open-access journal arising from the Advanced Teaching Program within the Teaching Support Centre of Western University

It publishes articles that describe the scholarly and pedagogical foundations for workshops about a variety of timely education topics and include a comprehensive list of learning outcomes, an annotated review of relevant literature, and a detailed breakdown of potential learning activities among other elements.

Distance Education Certificate Program

Comprehensive curriculum to advance your
knowledge of e-learning, teaching strategies,
technology, instructional design, evaluation and more.

Professional Certificate in Online Teaching 

The Professional Certificate in Online Teaching (PCOT) offers a foundation of key principles and best practices in online teaching. At your pace and on your own schedule, you'll develop the knowledge and skills for being a successful online instructor.

More Resources:

 * = peer-reviewed

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