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The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning is a growing movement in post-secondary education. SOTL is scholarly inquiry into student learning which advances the practice of teaching by making research findings public.

SOTL builds on many past traditions in higher education, including classroom and program assessment, K-12 action research, the reflective practice movement, peer review of teaching, traditional educational research, and faculty development efforts to enhance teaching and learning. Terms closely related to the scholarship of teaching and learning are good teaching (that which promotes student learning and desired outcomes and is recognized by student satisfaction, peer review, etc.) and scholarly teaching (in which teaching is regarded as an area of study and the teaching and learning knowledge base is regarded as an additional discipline in which to develop expertise).

The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CJSotL)

http://www.cjsotl-rcacea.ca/ a peer reviewed, trans-disciplinary, open-access electronic journal created and supported by the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (IJ-SotL)


International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (IJ-SoTL) aspires to be an agent and catalyst for SoTL’s transforming work for a renewed awareness of and attentiveness to teaching and learning, for questioning assumptions and thinking about teaching, and for systematic and effective ways to improve learning and teaching in higher/tertiary education.  IJ-SoTL’s goal is to serve as a crucible or nexus for creating international contacts, conversations, contemplation, and collaborations in connection with SoTL. 

Teaching Innovative Projects (TIPS) Journal

Teaching Innovation Projects (TIPS) Journal

Preparing Students for Practical Exams: The Dreaded Anatomy Bell Ringer (Leigh Vanderloo, Western University)

Making Learning Mobile: Using Mobile Technologies to Bring GIS into the Geography Classroom (Sarah Peirce, Western University)

Critical Thinking in the Information Age: Helping Students Find and Evaluate Scientific Information (S. Amanda Ali, Western University)

Game-based Learning in the University Classroom (Hadi Hosseini and Maxwell Hartt, University of Waterlook)

Cultivating Environmental Literacy in the English Classroom and Beyond (David Huebert, Western University)

When Language Instruction and Second Language Acquisition Meet: An Interdisciplinary Approach (Diana P. Botero, Western University)

Level up! Gaming as a Tool to Support Science Education (Marina Cvetkovska, Western University)


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