Teaching as Coaching

Fall 2013 Date and time to be announced.

Facilitators: Keith Lownie & Fiona McQuarrie

The “Teaching as Coaching” seminar will discuss the redesign of undergrad classes to follow formats used in team training sessions in the sport of soccer.  The main goal of the seminar is to explore this method as a way to improve the teaching experience for the instructor and the learning experience for the student.   The main segments of the “Teaching as Coaching” seminar are as follows:

Introduction – brief discussion of literature on coaching and teaching. 

Discussion of the “Soccer Session” class structure  - in a “Coaching as Teaching” method we utilize key coaching principles (eg. show don’t tell, draw a picture of where you are going, work alongside the students to create coaching moments, consistent repetition and practice ).  We also use a 4 part foundational  framework, used when coaching young sports atheletes;  i) reduce distractions, ii) adapt the session based on participants, iii) be preparation/organized andiv)  foster healthy (fun) competition.    We will also introduce the six key sections of a weekly “practice session”  as a potential method for organizing your class sessions:

  1. Warm-up
  2. Balance/Agility/Coordination
  3. Skill/Technique
  4. Simplified Small Game (using 1 skill or technique learned, group problem solving)
  5. Game Situation  (using various skills or techniques together,)
  6. Cool down

Applying the Method -  seminar participants will have a chance to apply these six sections to courses they are teaching and share their ideas with other participants.  We will then review how the six sections are applied in Accounting courses at UFV.   Throughout the session we will try to focus on key soccer coaching techniques that are useful while teaching undergrads and illustrate both the benefits and drawbacks of this teaching method for students as well as the benefits and drawbacks for UFV instructors.   We will also provide some recommendations for implementation.



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