TLC Testimonials


"With the help of the TLC, I am more myself in the classroom now - independent of both the past and peers. I am not afraid to try things that are different, weird or possibly not “university-enough”. Having Mary and Maureen to bounce my ideas off of is reassuring. The TLC is here to help us keep up with our evolving student body. Because, in the end, what matters isn’t how I teach but how students learn. As students change, the TLC will continue to help me change."

Renee Prasad, Agriculture


"The Teaching and Learning Centre has been an incredible source of support throughout my teaching journey at UFV. From my first encounters with getting help with creating online videos for blended and online learning design options for my courses, to my most recent requests for increasing whiteboard space around classrooms for fostering collaboration, the TLC has always been welcoming and supportive of my ideas. I have always felt comfortable asking whether something is possible or not, and more often than not, the TLC team offers me a variety of solutions and options. If an option I am seeking out is unavailable, they are willing to brainstorm ways around it or find ways to make it happen in the future. I am very happy to see that the Teaching and Learning Centre is such a welcoming place and is always growing and improving every time I drop by."

Judy Larsen, Upgrading and University Preparation


"The Teaching and Learning Centre has been an invaluable resource for me. After reaching out to express my interest in pursuing research in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL), I was put into contact with the Teaching & Learning’s Dr. Mary Saudelli. Together we developed a research project and a successful grant application. We are now working on this project with strong support from Teaching & Learning. I am keen to broaden my research in SOTL with the assistance of Teaching & Learning Centre. Moreover, the Teaching & Learning Centre continually inspires me as I work to hone my skills as an educator."

Robin Kleiv, Physics


"In August, the TLC sent out a newsletter with articles relevant to the start of the semester.  I made the “first day of class goals” explicit in my course (Best Practices of Teaching and Learning), as a TOD.  This served as a “self-check”, but also reminded future educators about the importance of building community and trying to connect with students."

Barbara Salingré, Teacher Education


"Over the summer I completed the Building Strengths online module offered by UFV Teaching and Learning Centre. This program, created in collaboration with NVIT, consists of five units that you can work though at your own pace. To complete the course you compose a short essay on a situation that you have or might encounter. And you get a certificate of completion!

I found the module to be thoughtfully constructed and easy to follow. It include useful interviews and follow-up quizzes to assess your comprehension of the material. Most important is that I learned more about what “inclusiveness” really means and how to prepare and deliver my courses to a diverse audience that might have challenges of which I am not, necessarily, aware.

David. G. Harper, Kinesiology


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