Classroom Practices

This section focuses on practical classroom strategies and ways to support multilingual learners in the classroom.  Information on reading, academic writing, group work and discussion can be found in separate sections. There is also a section with strategies collected from interviews and discussions with UFV faculty members.

Background: includes information to help instructors better understand the challenges of learning in another language and two teaching principles that can help them support learners

Reading: Some helpful strategies to help learners struggling with a large amount of reading

Interaction, Discussion, and Group Work: A variety of resources, including videos that demonstrate classroom approaches that can be used to facilitate interaction, class discussion, and group work

Asking for Help: Many multilingual learners are reluctant to ask for help or wait until too late to seek help.  This section explains possible reasons for this and presents some strategies to encourage learners to seek help or assess learning

What's Working at UFV: strategies UFV instructors have found useful

Empowering Multilingual Learners: Provides strategies instructors can use to empower all learners, share diverse perspectives, and learn from one another.

What's Working for UFV?

Here are some practical classroom strategies contributed by UFV instructors. Please feel free to email any effective strategies or teaching tips you have discovered to be included in this section.

What’s brewing in your classroom?

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