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Opportunities in Trades for international students

In partnership with Dorset College in Vancouver, British Columbia, UFV Trades will offer international students the opportunity to train in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) and Automotive Service Technician (AST), beginning on June 12, 2017.

Automotive Service Technician

Upon successful completion of Dorset College's Certificate in Automotive Service Technician Studies, international students can transfer to the 48-week Automotive Service Technician program at the University of the Fraser Valley’s Trades and Technology Centre in Chilliwack BC.

The Automotive Service Technician program prepares you for entry into the automotive service and repair industry. You get a systematic introduction to the trade and thorough hands-on opportunities to develop the skills expected by today’s employers.

You acquire a sound knowledge of common systems used on cars and light trucks. Sample topics include:

  • Using specialized and diagnosis equipment
  • Servicing brake, steering, and suspension systems
  • Performing engine service
  • Servicing engine support systems
  • Servicing electrical systems

When you successfully complete the program, you have the option of advanced placement in the Auto Service Technician apprenticeship program.

The Automotive Service Technician program exceeds the provincial standards of Foundation and Entry Level programs throughout British Columbia. As part of the program, you will write a provincial Certificate of Qualification exam. Upon successful completion of the Auto Service Technician program and the provincial exam, you will be ready to work in automotive dealerships, repair shops, fleet maintenance, and shops that specialize in exhaust, brakes, drive train, and tune-ups.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer M-License

Upon successful completion of Dorset College's Certificate in Aircraft Maintenance Studies (AMS), international students can transfer to the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer M-License program at the University of the Fraser Valley’s Aerospace Centre, located at the Abbotsford International Airport.

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer M-License (Transport Canada approved) prepares you to enter the aerospace industry as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician apprentice and gives you valuable experience in both the theory and practical components of the industry.

The program is comprised of 18 courses that focus on:

  • Standard Aviation Practices
  • Aerodynamics and Aircraft Construction
  • Reciprocating Engines and their systems
  • Turbine Engines and their systems
  • Hydraulic Power and Landing Gear
  • Aircraft Structural Repair
  • Aircraft Electrical Systems
  • Propellers and Aircraft Rigging
  • Rotary Wing Aircraft, Aircraft
  • Avionics and Instrumentation
  • Aviation Regulations
  • Aircraft Systems

The last term provides you the opportunity to perform basic maintenance tasks on live aircraft and in the shop, applying the knowledge acquired through the previous courses. You also earn your Radio Operator’s Certificate (Aviation) during the last term of the program.

The UFV Aircraft Maintenance Engineer M-License program meets the requirements for basic training in aircraft maintenance and is approved by Transport Canada Civil Aviation. When you graduate, you are ready to enter an apprenticeship as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician. This program is worth 18 months credit towards the 48-month experience requirement, so graduates will only require 30 months of work experience to be eligible to hold the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Category M license. The license is granted following successful completion of the program and after writing the Transport Canada Aviation Regulations exam at one of their offices.

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