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Studying the creative arts yields not only innovative thinking but also cultural and economic benefits to society. Thoughtful visual expression enriches our shared experience - revealing beauty, encouraging tolerance and diversity, and sharpening critical insight.

In the Visual Arts Department at UFV, we encourage each student to develop their own expressive and analytical abilities, as they prepare for future careers as professional artists, designers, curators, educators, and more. 

Our highly-qualified faculty of academics, artists, and designers work collaboratively to offer students a dynamic learning environment in which to study traditional studio arts, new media art, Graphic and Digitial Design, Film Studies, and Art History & Visual Studies. We are proud to be part of a regional university that serves the educational needs of domestic and international students, connecting local communities to global creative cultures. 

Whats New in Visual Arts

Interosculate Visual Arts Diploma Grad Show March 6-24

Visual Arts Diploma Grad Exhibition Interosculate includes a diverse selection of inventive works including painting, sculpture, printmedia, video, photography, and mixed media.

Celebrate with our students at the Opening Reception:

Friday, March 6, 2015 from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m at the S'eliyemetaxwtex Gallery,  B136

Refreshments will served

For more Information Visit Interosculate Diploma Show and Interosculate Facebook

Interosculate Installation Time Lapse Video

Berlin Spring 2015, May 1-10

Art History and Visual Arts Students are on their way to an enlightening and inspiring art lovers' paradise. One of the‌ world's most culturally diverse, influential and visited cites, Berlin's universities, research facilities, theatres, museums, galleries, festivals and architecture are internationally renowned.



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