UFV Institutional Learning Outcomes and the Visual Arts major Program Outcomes



The UFV Visual Arts major program contributes to the success of our graduates by aiding in the development and acquisition of Institutional Learning Outcomes. All Visual Arts, Art History, and related courses contribute in some way to helping students to achieve these outcomes, in addition to helping them to achieve Visual Arts major Program Outcomes.


UFV identifies the following 8 desired learning outcomes for UFV graduates:


  • Demonstrate information competency
  • Analyze critically and imaginatively
  • Use knowledge and skills proficiently
  • Initiate inquiries and develop solutions to problems
  • Communicate effectively
  • Pursue self-motivated and self-reflective learning
  • Engage in collaborative leadership
  • Engage in respectful and professional practices


To read more about UFV Learning Outcomes, please see here.


The UFV Visual Arts Department identifies 15 desired learning outcomes for its program students, divided into 3 categories:


Values           Upon successful completion of the VA major:

  • students will be flexible and conscientious thinkers, able to respect diverse ways of thinking and working, while expressing themselves as capable risk-takers.
  • students will be open-minded and value traditional methods as well as contemporary practices.
  • students will have respect for collaborative and communal working environments.
  • students can participate in respectful dialogue about controversial issues.
  • students are ethical thinkers, considerate of personal and global connections and able to express issues such as difference, community, and ecology.
  • students are advocates for the importance of cultural production who contribute positively to community.
  • students recognize opportunity even in challenging circumstances, and nurture and enjoy their practice.


Knowledge   Upon successful completion of the VA major:

  • students comprehend historical and contemporary cultural contexts, and connect art historical knowledge with movements in world history.
  • students are critical thinkers who engage in visual culture with sensory and aesthetic awareness.
  • students integrate creative thinking across disciplines.
  • students exhibit ingenuity and self-sufficiency in accessing resources to support any creative, academic or personal inquiry.


Skills            Upon successful completion of the VA major:

  • students will be able to present and communicate to an audience, in effective written, visual, verbal and non-verbal language.
  • students will be able to produce artwork with technical proficiency in at least three media, across both established and experimental practices.
  • students will be able to think independently, use critique constructively, and are self-reflective and analytical cultural producers, capable of creative problem solving.
  • students will be able to engage effectively in the presentation, installation and de-installation of works for exhibition.


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