Introductory Studio —

Considering alternative, experimental, emergent and traditional forms of art, the introductory studio courses at UFV launch the imagination of students through projects that provoke, examine, explore, and expand meaning. Intersections that lead to collaborative possibilities between disciplines encourage theoretical, technical, and conceptual connections, as well as the development of visual literacy, research skills, and thinking about art in intellectual terms. The support and development of students who are creative, informed and engaged world citizens is fundamental to foundation courses.

These courses provide the bulk of creative studio experience for students in the first term of study, and covering a range of materials, techniques, and dimensions to explore. In the second semester, students complete their foundation year by choosing nine to twelve credits of study in the more specific disciplines of painting & drawing, sculpture, new media, print media, and photography.


  • VA 113, Introduction to Drawing
  • VA 115, Introduction to Studio: Material Practices (2D)
  • VA 116, Introduction to Studio: Space, Form, and Time (3D)

Plus an additional 9-12 credits of the following complete the Introductory Studio series:



VA 113: Introduction to Drawing

This is an introductory Drawing course that is designed to give the student technical art training and skill development balanced with experimental processes. Students will be exposed to both traditional and non-traditional methods, materials, ideas, and techniques. This course will emphasize the importance of Drawing from three distinct positions: technical skill development, development of personal expression, and the important role art plays in describing and formulating our society today.

VA 115, Introduction to Studio: Material Practices (2D)

This course introduces students to technique, ideas, and theories related to creative forms of image making and surface production. Various methods of visual communication will be examined in relation to contemporary two-dimensional media practices, including painting, print, drawing, photographic processes, textiles, fibre, and interdisciplinary practice. Students will explore colour, design, and a wide range of material processes and will apply this knowledge towards the development of their studio investigations. This course will challenge students to effectively engage in concept development and creative strategies particular to mediums explored.

VA 116, Introduction to Studio: Space, Form, and Time (3D)

This course explores traditional three-dimensional artistic processes with contemporary approaches that expand and transcend conventional definitions of these practices. Hybrid and interdisciplinary forms of 3D practices will be explored through project-based learning that encompasses topics to include: bodily representation and performative presence, space and time, form and content, and structure and function.

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