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Painting /Drawing is a studio discipline that is as rich in Visual Arts history as it is charged with contemporary innovation. At UFV, Painting/Drawing courses are designed to encourage a dialogue within this continuum, pushing for avid studio experimentation amidst an emphasis on technical skill development. Students are introduced to a variety of techniques and ideas, exposed to several art-historical and contemporary Painting/Drawing practices, and challenged to develop a studio process that involves both formal and conceptual impact. Painting/Drawing classes are interdisciplinary in that they allow, if not emphasize the use of multiple materials and/or techniques in the production of a successful art piece or body of work. Students come away with a strong studio skill base, an engaged conceptual framework, and an ability to take part in the exciting discourse of contemporary Painting/Drawing.


The UFV Painting/Drawing studio is a large well-ventilated open space that encourages experimentation within a safe environment. The Visual Arts Department supplies easels, painting boards, drawing horses, drawing boards, work-tables, as well as several options for the storage of works, lockers for studio supplies, and ample space for still life study and/or live model figurative study. For upper level Painting/Drawing courses, students are allowed access to designated group studios, where private work-spaces in the form of studio cubicles are provided in order to promote deepened studio investigations.


Materials for Painting/Drawing courses vary by class and Faculty Instructor. The approximate cost for supplies can be anywhere in the range of $150 - $200.


  • VA 113: Introduction to Drawing
  • VA 223: Painting/Drawing I
  • VA 224: Painting/Drawing II
  • VA 321: Painting/Drawing III
  • VA 322: Painting/Drawing IV
  • VA 421: Independent Study: Painting/Drawing
  • VA 422: Independent Study: Painting/Drawing


VA 113: Introduction to Drawing

This is an introductory Drawing course that is designed to give the student technical art training and skill development balanced with experimental processes. Students will be exposed to both traditional and non-traditional methods, materials, ideas, and techniques. This course will emphasize the importance of Drawing from three distinct positions: technical skill development, development of personal expression, and the important role art plays in describing and formulating our society today.

VA 223: Painting/Drawing I

This course offers an introduction to the basic fundamentals of pictorial development and practice as it relates to the discipline of Painting/Drawing. Students are introduced to various Painting/Drawing techniques, as well as rudimentary information regarding studio materials and equipment. This course serves to provide technical art training balanced with experimental processes, in addition to exposure to the theories and principles that constitute a work of art today.

VA 224: Painting/Drawing II

This course provides a continued study of the principles and practices introduced in VA 123. Emphasis is placed on skill development, personal expression, experimentation, and directed study. Technical skills will be enhanced, as will a furthered understanding of Painting/Drawing's experimental possibilities and capacities as it pertains to contemporary art practice and discourse. Students gain valuable practical experience in the discipline with a deepened focus on the form/content duality.

VA 321: Painting/Drawing III

This course offers an advanced study of Painting/Drawing techniques and theories as they pertain to contemporary cultural constructs. This course emphasizes the interrelationship of different art disciplines and practices to produce individual works of art that are culturally relevant and self expressive. Students work independently on thematic projects designed by them in consultation with the Painting/Drawing Faculty and are encouraged to bridge their studio practice with art-historical, art-theoretical, and/or culturally relevant ideas and events. Technical training and skill-base is heightened, as is a deepened investigation of the formal and conceptual possibilities relative to each student’s Painting/Drawing practice.

VA 322: Painting/Drawing IV

A continuation of the principles studied in VA 321. This is a self directed course and students are expected to work independently on projects designed by them in consultation with the Painting/Drawing Faculty. Students learn the importance of the development of a series, producing and understanding a Painting as not only one solitary entity containing form and content, but as an angle within a larger entity, that of a series or body of related works. The series is approached as a method toward mature exploration and expansion of the technical, material, and theoretical possibilities relative to each student’s investigation of contemporary Painting/Drawing.

VA 421 and VA 422: Independent Study: Painting/Drawing

This advanced credit course enables students with previous experience in Painting/Drawing to work independently under the supervision of the Painting/Drawing Faculty. The students work on self-designed projects and associated written assignments designed in consultation with the Faculty member. There is no specific time period allotted for this course, but Independent Study students are welcome to participate in demonstrations, lectures and discussions during VA 321 and VA 322. Applicants are interviewed and once accepted into Independent Study: Painting/Drawing, objectives and assignments are determined prior to registration.

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