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Gina Bennett

Gina Bennett, Bsc, MA

Math Instructor

Hope Centre, H1114

Phone: 604-869-9991

email Gina


Provide multi-level instruction for ABE-level students working at the Fundamental and Intermediate levels (MATH 052 - 076), on a sessional basis at the Hope campus.


Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Instructional Design, Athabasca University, 2012.

Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Training, 2010. Also Appreciative Inquiry CE course from University of Victoria, 2009 (CACE)
International Issues in Open & Distance Learning (course), Athabasca University, 2005

Certificate in Intercultural Studies, University of British Columbia, 2004
Teaching and Learning in Virtual Learning Environments, Universität des Saarlands, 2004 (International Online Seminar hosted by Socrates/EU)
Teachers of Adults Certification Programme; Cambrian College, 1993 –1997


Board member, AdvantageHOPE (Hope Business and Development Society)

Member Emeritus, Educational Technology Users Group (BCcampus)

Member, ABEABC

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching is powerful. My experience of this power has evolved over the years: I no longer seek to 'change people's lives', but prefer the supporting  role of helping people change their own lives. People pursue learning - consciously or subconsciously - because they want to become something more and I am drawn to teaching as a way to accompany the learner in the becoming process. My skill as a teacher lies in not just instruction (where needed), but also in listening, reflecting, supporting, and helping the learner to clarify goals. I enjoy doing this work and I do it compulsively with just about anybody I meet: students (of course), friends and family, and even the young woman bagging my purchases in the grocery store.

When working with students, I want to understand something about what they seek through learning.  I want to develop our mutually trusting relationship to the point where they reveal some deep curiosity or need to act, serve, or to *be* differently in the world. Once we reach that point, my role morphs into something like a waitress:  'How can I help you today?' 'What information sources can I steer you towards?' 'Do you want skills with that?'

Although I am a compulsive adult educator who will attempt to practise on just about anyone, I am especially drawn to those outside the traditional academy: those who never completed any formal program, learned to do math, or to even speak fluent English. Those who do not think of themselves as ‘academic material,’ or perhaps long ago gave up any dreams requiring formal education. These are my People and I am drawn to them professionally like a moth to a lamp.

I believe education -- changing your life through learning -- is a fundamental human right. The two themes that most strongly inform my educational philosophy are Open Education and Border Pedagogy.

Teaching Interests

Currently: ABE Math

Previously: ABE Math, ABE English, Computer Studies, Curriculum Development, Online Learning

Research Interests

Cognitive development in adult learners

Rural community development


I have made numerous presentations, both internally (to College of the Rockies) and externally (BCcampus, ETUG, Cranbrook community partners, international colleagues, etc.). Most presentations have been related to educational technology, international development, appreciative inquiry, and teaching & learning practices


Strangers in a Strange Land: Rural Learners in Distance Education (2003). Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Master in Adult Education. St. Francis Xavier University.

Community Engagement

Board member, AdvantageHOPE (Hope Business and Development Society)

Volunteer ESL tutor, Hope & area ReadRight Society

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