Workplace TASK Program

Workplace Training in Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge (TASK) certificate

The TASK pre-employment program is for adult students with disabilities who want to explore employment opportunities and prepare for a job.

Entrance Requirements | Course Descriptions | Funding

TASK Entrance Requirements

For entry into the Workplace TASK program, students must:

  • be 19 years old before starting the program
  • have a history of a disability (providing documentation may be helpful)
  • have independent self-management skills (e.g., able to get to and from the university and work experience sites independently and be unsupervised during lunch)
  • be motivated to find competitive paid employment
  • provide two references, and
  • complete an interview with the TASK instructor to determine program suitability

The TASK program is offered each September, and applications are accepted anytime.

To apply to the TASK program, complete the following forms:

  1. UFV Online Application
  2. TASK Intake Form
  3. Adult Upgrading Grant Application‌ (if applicable)

TASK Course Descriptions

TASK is an eight-month full-time program. Students attend classes four days a week at the Chilliwack CEP campus.

Fall Semester (September - December)
The first semester is in the classroom where students learn employment preparation and self-management in the workplace. Students also receive safety and industry training in WHMIS, FoodSafe, SuperHost, and First Aid.

TASK 051 Personal and Workplace Essentials
TASK 052 Career Exploration
TASK 053 Safety and Industry Certificates

Winter Semester (January - April)
In the second semester, students put their skills to the test in a series of work-experience placements with local businesses.

TASK 054 Work Experience I
TASK 055 Work Experience II
TASK 056 Personal and Career Portfolio

Full course descriptions are on the UFV calendar.

Students must participate or show proof of knowledge in all six courses and successfully complete a work experience placement in order to receive a University of the Fraser Valley certificate.

TASK Funding

Funding is available for those who qualify with the Adult Upgrading Grant (AUG) through UFV's Financial Aid and Awards.

AUG applications must be submitted to Financial Aid at least four weeks before classes start.

For full details about the TASK program, see the UFV calendar.

TASK students on work experience in Chilliwack community slideshow

TASK students on work experience in Chilliwack community



We came into the Program not knowing what to expect

 But ready to try our best and take the next step

With a helping hand our instructor’s guide

Our independence is ours to find


Who we are and our newfound callings

Is what we have unearthed

Setting us on a path of open doors

To friendship, opportunity and more


It’s up to us whether it be fleeting or lifelong

As we prepare for the next step in the course

Employment doors will open

We can walk through them calm



By Tara Kowalski


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