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Brenda  Fredrick

Brenda  Fredrick

Associate Professor, 2D & 3D Foundations, Senior Studio, Professional Practices, Special Topics

Visual Arts

Abbotsford campus, C1018

Phone: 604-504-7441, Ext. 4441, Voice Mail 4441

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VA115  Introductory Studio I:  Material Practices

VA116  Introductory Studio II:  Space Form & Time 

Arts 280C Special Topics: Arts Internship  

AH 330 Special Topics: Museum Principles and Practices-Internship        

VA360  Professional Development & Practices

VA402  Senior Studio I


CV Brenda Fredrick

A persistent sense of place informs Brenda’s ambient installation and object based practice, with her audience frequently being invited to step into dark and luminous spaces that exist somewhere between shadow and substance - recognition and ambiguity. Interested in biological memory and deep DNA hypothesis, her exploration of collected and altered materials creates a magic presence to a sense of absence - at once disorienting, elegant and unsettled.

Raised on a farm in southern Alberta, Brenda’s art practice has been informed by indelible memories of her childhood home, the Walt Disney adaptation of Eleanor Porters 1913 novel Polyanna, and countless hours riding horses across the prairies and throughout the Canadian Rockies. A recent relocation to Chilliwack from Vancouver has her reflecting upon “re/discovering (re/inventing) Brenda, and while it is sometimes said that “one can never return home” she has been seen standing amongst towering corn fields with a video camera, and attempting to air out the scent of manure in audio equipment, after collecting recordings of automated milking machines and gentle cattle calls in robotic milking parlors.

In addition to her art practice and teaching career, Brenda has worked in cultural administration, project management, policy development, literacy, and in the museums field as a curator and gallery director. Snared by intellectual curiosity and the wonder of it all, Brenda is committed to reflective practice, life long learning and sharing with, and learning from, her students.


2005     MMI, University of British Columbia

2002     MFA, York University

1982     BFA, University of Lethbridge

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"My time spent in the in the Visual Arts Dept. at UFV was the most exciting and rewarding educational experience of my life. The program was engaging, challenging, and most importantly inspiring".

  • – Eduardo Dioses
  •    BFA Alumni
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