Writing Across the Disciplines Faculty Reading Group

Have you read an article or chapter recently that you think is worth sharing? Are you interested in what your colleagues are reading and keeping up with new research? The Writing Centre hosts a reading group to discuss academic articles related to writing. The range of topics extends across writing pedagogy, (inter)disciplinary writing, and writing-to-learn in the disciplines. We invite faculty from all disciplines to join us in sharing articles and cross-disciplinary dialogue about selected readings.  

If you are interested in the reading group, or if you can recommend an article (feel free to stretch our boundaries) please contact Gloria.borrows@ufv.ca, and we can include you in correspondence about readings and events.  

Some recent readings:

Abasi, A.R., Akbari, N. (2008). Are we encouraging patchwriting? Reconsidering the role of the pedagogical context in ESL student writers’ transgressive intertextuality, English for Specific Purposes, 27, 267-284.

Batt, T.A. (2005). The rhetoric of the end comment. Rhetoric Review, 24(2), 207-223.

Cameron, D. (2006). Ideology and language. Journal of Political Ideologies, 11(2), 141-152.

Honig, B., & Bedi, A. (2012) The fox in the henhouse: A critical examination of plagiarism among members of the Academy of Management. Learning and Education, 11 (1), 101-123.

Klein, P. D., Piacente-Cimini, S., & Williams, L. A. (2007). The role of writing in learning from analogies. Learning and Instruction, 17, 596-611.

Ritter, K. (2008). E-valuating learning: Rate My Professors and Public rhetorics of pedagogy.” Rhetoric Review, 27(3), 259-280.

Sonnenmoser, R. (2009). The gatekeeping impulse and Professor X: An exploration. Assessing Writing, 14(2), 76-87.





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