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Computer Information Systems

Computer Information Systems differs from Computing Science in that there tends to be an increased focus on using technology effectively to support and add value to organizations. This requires breadth and business knowledge as well as both theory and hands-on practice.

UFV offers a Bachelor of Computer Information Systems degree, a CIS diploma, a CIS certificate, and a CISCO Networking and Network Security certificate. Students may wish to apply directly to the degree, and can apply to graduate with the CIS certificate and/or diploma after completing the required course work. The CIS certificate can be obtained with a Web Design and Animation option, and both the diploma and the degree can be obtained with a Co-operative Education option. Several concentrations are available in the BCIS program, and students can also choose to minor in either Business or Mathematics. Please see the CIS program advisor for details.

A minor in Computer Information Systems can be added to a degree in any other area, and a minor in Computing Science is available for science students and others desiring a minor more focused on the theoretical and mathematical aspects of computing. An extended minor in CIS provides more breadth and can be used as a larger minor with a major, or in combination with a second extended minor in an Arts degree. Students interested in these options should consult with their program advisor and the CIS department.

Non-credit continuing studies courses in a wide range of computing areas are also offered throughout the year. Current and planned offerings are described at

• Bachelor of Computer Information Systems degree
   • Concentrations
   • Business minor
   • Mathematics minor

• Computer Information Systems diploma

• Computer Information Systems certificate
   • Web Design and Animation option

• CISCO Networking and Network Security certificate

• Computer Information Systems minor

• Computer Information Systems extended minor

• Computing Science minor

Course listings

For complete details on courses see the course descriptions section.