ARCHIVED: UFV Academic Calendar 2008/09

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Physics Honours

This section specifies the Physics Honours requirements only. See this section for Bachelor of Science requirements, as well as the requirements for a physics major discipline.

Specific requirements:

Course Title
PHYS 302 Optics
PHYS 311 Statistical Physics
PHYS 322 Advanced Electromagnetism
PHYS 351 Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 381 Mathematical Physics
PHYS 451 Advanced Quantum Mechanics
Any two upper-level Physics labs (PHYS 342, PHYS 382, PHS 383, PHYS 472, or PHYS 485)
At least one additional Physics course must have at least one third year pre-requisite
At least one of MATH 152 or MATH 221
MATH 211 Calculus III
MATH 255 Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH 322 Complex Variables
At least one other math course labeled 300 or above (MATH 312 suggested)
COMP 152 Introduction to Structured Programming
 or the combination of:
(COMP 150 Introduction to Programming
and COMP 155) Object-oriented Programming
Six other credits in computer science related courses: e.g., any Computing Science course, PHYS 393, PHYS 484, PHYS 485, PHYS 493, MATH 302 (Analysis of Data), MATH 316 (Numerical Analysis).
Additional requirements:

Students must take at least two courses from any of the following:
• ASTR 103 ASTR 104, CHEM 113, CHEM 114, MATH 125, MATH 270, BIO 111, BIO 112, any two Business courses, any two Economics courses, any two Arts courses.

Note: More courses may be added as new courses are added to the calendar, but may not yet be included on this list. Check with the Physics department if there have been any additions.

 • Students should note the pre-requisite requirements for these courses.

 • Students should note that by choosing the appropriate options within the Physics Honours option they will also meet all the requirements for a Math minor.

Graduation requirements:

• at least 132 credits total
• at least 54 upper level credits
• at least 45 of the upper level credits must be from physics or math
• at least 39 of the upper level credits must be from physics

Academic performance:

• the GPA in all courses that the student uses towards the degree must be at least 3.33.
• In addition, the GPA in all Physics courses used towards the degree must be at least 3.33.

Students in the Physics major do not need to apply to the honours option, but they may graduate from the honours program, once all requirements have been met.

Course listings

For complete details on courses see the course descriptions section.