LIbrary and Information Technology

Serving the evolving needs of readers and learners

Serving the evolving needs of readers and learners

With the unprecedented growth of global data, library technicians play a key role in the curation and management of information.

According to IT firm CSC, data production will be 44 times greater in 2020 than it was in 2009. More than ever, opportunities exist for library technicians to sort, evaluate and organize information to make it accessible and useful to the people who need it in the course of their studies, work, or research.

UFV's two-year Library and Information Technology diploma program leverages your strong organizational skills, preparing you to enter a dynamic industry with a wide range of career options. Our dedicated instructors use the latest information management tools and technologies to prepare you to work in a variety of settings including public, academic, school, and special libraries as well as museums and archives.

Beyond libraries, you may also find employment in other information centres that each provide a unique scope of activities. Trained library technicians with the skills to organize and analyze information can bring invaluable expertise and value to law firms, research firms, educational institutions, government agencies or other organizations with specialized research and data needs.

The program allows you to study full time or part time to suit your schedule. In addition to core training, you have the option to enhance your employability by specializing in Records Management, Systems Technology, or Youth Services.

Your UFV diploma is recognized by the Canadian Library Association, which enables you to work in libraries across the nation.

Career Outlook

Over 96% of program graduates secure employment within the first 8 months of graduation in diverse areas, performing a wide range of tasks.

Jobs for librarians outside traditional settings are expected to grow the fastest, as an increasing number of corporations, non-profits and consulting firms hire professionals to manage and organize information, using a variety of technologies and databases.

Graduates of the UFV Library and Information Technology diploma may also opt to pursue a Master's degree in Library Science.