Gear up to work in high technology

Mechatronics is an emerging field that is poised to transform the world.

Mechatronics engineers and technologists marry mechanical, electrical, electronic, and software systems to create smart technologies for a wide range of use.

Mechatronics sensors and circuits control countless devices from microwave ovens to medical probes to lunar rovers. That's why both large global enterprises and small high tech companies need trained mechatronics technologists to drive innovation in fields as varied as manufacturing, power generation and distribution, oil and gas, telecommunications, medical technology, robotics, aeronautics, and more.

UFV’s new Physics Engineering diploma in Mechatronics can teach you how to connect the sensors, software, and circuits needed to control the emerging technologies that will improve our world. This advanced diploma provides you with a strong theoretical grounding in physics combined with hands-on courses in mechatronics.

After you complete your diploma, you are fully equipped to enter the workplace, or continue your studies to complete a Bachelor of Science in Physics at UFV or a degree in Engineering at another institution.

Career Outlook

As an emerging field, mechatronics has been accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board. It is a discipline in full expansion. As our world relies increasingly on electromechanical systems to power new technology, the need for trained mechatronics engineers and technologists will continue to grow.

Because mechatronics graduates receive interdisciplinary training, they can work in a wide variety of fields, including automotive engineering, aerospace industry, space science, manufacturing, telecommunications, oil and gas, mining, power generation and distribution, robotics and artificial intelligence, biomedical technology, information technology, and software development.

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