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We invite you to submit articles pertaining to adult education in  Canada. The guidelines below indicate suggested lengths for several general types of entries. The actual content and appropriate length for any particular entry will depend on the subject matter.

Authors should be guided by the principle that the entries in this encyclopedia are intended as entry points to a topic, not as the singular, definitive or exhaustive examination of the subject.

Guidelines for general types of potential entries:

In some cases the boundaries between these entry types may not be distinct or appropriate; however, the guidelines are intended to support the efforts of the contributing authors and editorial consistency.

Entry content may include:

      • Text

      • Visuals and Artwork

      • Animations or Streaming Video

      • Stills

      • Audio Clips

Anyone considering making a contribution to the encyclopedia should be aware of the Open Content & Copyright conditions of this project. It is assumed that any author submitting a proposed entry has accepted the philosophy and conditions.

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