Global Development Studies

Help build a better world

Help build a better world

Want to spend your life working to reduce poverty, promote education, improve health, build better communities, and support sustainable development in Canada or abroad? 

Start with a Bachelor of Arts with a major, minor, or extended minor in Global Development Studies (GDS) at UFV to learn hands-on skills that you can use to launch a career in aid, relief, or development anywhere in the world.

At UFV, you get to develop an in-depth multi-disciplinary perspective by studying in areas as varied as economics, political science, geography, sociology, statistics, anthropology, business, and communications. In addition to growing your critical thinking and intercultural abilities, you develop sought-after management, research, advocacy, and writing skills to help you succeed in the field. 

Small class sizes allow for strong interaction with committed and engaged faculty, who are active in global development activities. To integrate and apply classroom learning, you also participate in a fieldwork internship in Canada or abroad. Your practicum provides you with work experience, professional connections, and invaluable insights into the dynamics of development. GDS internships are available to students in other disciplines, such as geography, business, nursing, social work, or criminology, whose future careers may benefit from an international fieldwork experience. 

When you graduate, you are ready to launch a career as a development professional or work in fields such as social enterprise, global food security, or urban planning. Or you may pursue a graduate degree in subjects such as policy development, law, international relations, or public administration.  

Career Outlook

Global development is a well-funded industry: in 2018 member countries of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) donated a sum of USD 153.0 billion in official development assistance (ODA).

Global development offers a diverse range of career opportunities in administration, research, fundraising, training, advocacy, and relief work. You could find yourself working for government agencies, international organizations, NGOs, private companies, or research institutes.

Adding specialized qualifications, such as logistics, urban planning, accounting, nursing, agriculture, or IT, to your Bachelor of Arts in Global Development Studies can boost your employment opportunities in international development. With substantial field experience, you may find freelance work as a trainer, consultant, or advisor.