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Prepare for a career overseas

Prepare for a career overseas

Planning a future career that will take you overseas — as a teacher, relief worker, church worker, journalist, translator, government representative, travel agent, or business person?

UFV's two-year Associate of Arts degree with an International and Development Studies option exposes you to essential issues in international development, while also helping you develop cultural awareness.

The program provides a rich introduction to the field of International and Development Studies, with a particular focus on Latin America. You explore the historical and political forces that have shaped society and the effects of colonialism on indigenous cultures. You examine and challenge assumptions that affluent nations entertain towards their poorer neighbours. And you learn to understand a wide range of factors affecting international development initiatives — including gender, environment, health, education, human rights, fair trade, globalization, and more.

To gain real-world insight and hands-on experience, you have the opportunity to attend an optional field school or study tour, supplemented by independent study, lecture, and discussion. In your last semester, you are also encouraged to engage in volunteer work that relates to international issues with a community organization, church group, or non-governmental organization. Employment opportunities in the field may be available if you have the appropriate language skills.

In addition to growing your critical thinking and intercultural abilities, you develop the research, advocacy, and writing skills that are sought after in the workplace and necessary to succeeding in any further studies.

Career outlook in International and Development Studies

Entry-level positions exist with international development organizations including non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government agencies, international organisations, think tanks, and development consultancies.

Having hands-on experience increases your chances to land a field assignment. To boost your job prospects in international settings, add a specialized qualification to your degree, such as a second language, logistics, urban planning, public relations, accounting, office administration, nursing, agriculture, or IT.

Once you have completed your Associate of Arts degree, you may also choose to return to UFV or another institution to work towards earning a Bachelor's degree, in preparation for a career as a teacher, journalist, translator, international aid worker, lawyer, and more.