Employee Tech Guide

Employee Computer Accounts

Access to any computer on all campuses is restricted to current UFV employees. Employees must have an employee computer account in order to access UFV computers. These accounts consist of a username and password and are created by IT Services.

Employee accounts allow access to the UFV network files, UFV employee email, and myWeb while on campus and remotely.

How to request a Computer Account

  • A computer account must be setup by the IT Service Desk.
  • A department head, dean, director or department assistant submits a request to the IT Service Desk to setup your computer account at the time of your hire.
  • NOTE: When you log in for the first time, you are required to change your password (minimum 8 characters) -- YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD WHILE ON CAMPUS AT A UFV COMPUTER WITH EMPLOYEE ACCESS.
    • Please use the following template when submitting a request for new employee access:
      • First and Last Name
      • Employee Number
      • Department
      • Job Title
      • Primary Campus
      • Office Number
      • Telephone Number or Local
      • Expiration Date of Account
      • Network Access Restrictions
      • Department G drive access (optional)
      • Budget Code (for Print/Copy)
    • A request for a new account will be processed as soon as possible; however, it may take up to ten business days.
    • The IT Service Desk sends the username and temporary password to both the department requestor and the new account holder with first-time access instructions.
    • Your Username is usually your lastname first initial.
    • Your Password is the IT temporary password until you log into a UFV networked computer where you will be required to change it at first login. Your new password must be at least 8-12 characters long and must contain a combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers, and special characters.
    • Future password changes: press Ctrl+Alt+Del simultaneously when logged into a UFV computer.
    • For Banner access requests, please fill out this form http://www.ufv.ca/its/forms/banner-access-request

myUFV Accounts

myUFV is a portal where employees can access their UFV web services such as:


  • Pay Information
  • Expense Claim Pay Stub
  • Tax Forms
  • Leave Balance
  • Benefits


  • Term Selection
  • CRN Selection
  • Student ID Selection
  • Faculty Detail Schedule
  • Faculty Schedule by Day and Time
  • Detail Class List
  • Summary Class List
  • Summary Class List with Pictures
  • Summary wait List
  • Post Midterm Grades
  • Final Grades
  • Grant Students Permission to Register
  • Electronic Gradebook by Component (Electronic Gradebook for Trades)
  • Faculty Information and Forms

Employees can log into myUFV using their employee ID number and password. Employees will receive an email from IT services with instructions on how to login for their first time and how to reset their temporary password.

What is my myUFV password?

Your password is a minimum of 10 characters and contains a combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers, and special characters.

How do I log into myUFV for the first time?

To log into myUFV for the first time, please use your employee ID number as your username and the temporary password which was provided to you. If you have not received your temporary password or do not remember it, you can request a temporary password by one of following options:

1. In-person: bring a picture ID card to either location below:

  • IT Service Desk located at B241 on the Abbotsford campus
  • Office of the Registrar on the Abbotsford campus (B211) or the Chilliwack campus  (A1312)

2. Off-campus: Please email a copy of valid photo ID (eg. driver’s license, EmployeeID card) to itservicedesk@ufv.ca . Also include your Employee ID number, alternative email address, and a phone number where you can be reached. The Service Desk will enable your account and provide you with a temporary password after verification.

How do I change my myUFV password?

If you have internet access and know your existing password, you can change your password using the change password site:

-          Go to myUFV and logon using your current password

-          Click on the HELP CENTRE tab

-          Click on Change Your Password

-          Follow the prompts to change your password

Your new password must be at least 10 characters and a combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers, and special characters.

Please wait at least 10 minutes before using your new password for the first time.

What if I can’t remember my myUFV password?

First, check that the employee number you have entered is correct. You can find this number on your employee card.

If you have web access at a computer, you can reset your password using the self-serve password reset site at password.ufv.ca:

  • Go to the UFV password reset site (password.ufv.ca).
  • Enter your student number into the site and click next. This will take you to a new webpage; do not close your browser at this step.
  • An email containing a security code will be sent to the personal email address you have registered with the University of the Fraser Valley.
  • Use this security code to reset your password on the open browser page and click next.
  • You should now see a message stating that your password was reset.

If you  do not wish the security code to be sent to your personal email address or you require assistance resetting your password, please contact the IT Service Desk:

1. In-person: bring a picture ID card to either location below:

  • IT Service Desk located at B241 on the Abbotsford campus
  • Office of the Registrar on the Abbotsford campus (B211) or the Chilliwack campus  (A1312)

2. Off-campus: Please email a copy of valid photo ID (eg. driver’s license, student ID card) to itservicedesk@ufv.ca . Also include your Employee ID number, alternative email address, and a phone number where you can be reached. The Service Desk will enable your account and provide you with a temporary password after verification.

What will the IT Service Desk do with the copy of my photo ID?

Once we have validated the copy of your photo ID, it will be permanently and securely removed from the system. It is only used for one-time validation to ensure the security of your myUFV account.

“authentication failed, try again!” error when you try to login to myUFV

There could be several reasons for this message:

- Wrong student or employee number
- Incorrect password
- Your account has been disabled due to security issue
- Your account has been locked for 5 minutes after you have made 5 attempts to login with the wrong password

Please wait 5 minutes and try the logon again. If it still does not work, please visit password.ufv.ca to reset your password or contact the IT Service Desk for help.

Need to change your personal email address?

  • Go to my.ufv.ca
  • Your email addresses will be listed at the top left hand side of the screen
  • Select Manage Your Email Addresses
  • Select the Personal Email Address from the drop down menu and click Submit
  • Enter your new email address into the E-mail entry field and click Submit.

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Employee Network Files

Employees have access to the following drives:

  • F: drive (HomeDIR) – Employees’ personal storage space - staff can add, modify, and delete files
  • G: drive (Departments) – Employees’ own department storage space – staff will be given access to specific files and folders as specified by department.
  • H: drive (Employee) – Employees’ campus-wide public storage space
  • Q Drive (Instructor) – Used by instructors to distribute course files to students – Faculty can add, modify, or delete files – students can only read and save files.
  • Groups (Optional) - Additional network drive access for some staff members

How to access Employee network drive:

Off-campus: Employees can access their UFV network drives by going to:

       1. gateway.ufv.ca; or

       2. my.ufv.ca

  • Login to myUFV using your employee ID and password (see myUFV Accounts)
  • Click on the Online Services tab
  • Under Network Files, click on myFiles

Remote File Navigation (myFiles)

What is myFILES?

  • myFILES enables you to securely access and manage the UFV network folders and drives which you have been given remote access.
  • EMPLOYEES can download myFiles instructions with screenshots (PDF format) - myFiles on Gateway Guide Employees

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Employee Email

How to access employee email

How will I log into Outlook?

  • You will use use your Employee Computer Account username and password to access your email through Outlook.
  • Please see the section regarding obtaining your Employee Computer Account username and password.
  • You can access your email from home by going to webmail.ufv.ca and logging in using your UFV credentials.

Note: your email address format is firstname.lastname@ufv.ca

Email Security System

  • IT Services uses an email security system called the Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall.
  • This software works to monitor both incoming and outgoing mail, filtering out messages determined to be spam and/or infected with viruses.
  • Users can check their quarantined messages, classify messages as spam and not spam, manage whitelisting and blacklisting of email addresses, and modify their user preferences using the Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall interface.
  • To access your quarantined emails, you will need to enter your UFV email address as your username and your Employee Computer Account password.

A guide to using Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall software can be found in the IT Knowledge Base

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UFV Telephone System

  • UFV’s main telephone number is 604-504-7441 and our switchboard is associated with this number. Callers in the Chilliwack area can also dial 604-792-0025 to be automatically redirected to the Abbotsford switchboard. Switchboard hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Internal calls from one extension to another can be completed by dialing the 4 digit extension number listed in the UFV directory.
  • Local calls to telephones outside of the UFV system can be completed by dialing 9 + the 10 digit telephone number. Our extended calling area reaches from Aldergrove to Metro Vancouver. To call a telephone number located in this area, dial 9 + 1 + the 10 digit telephone number. Outside of this extended calling area.
  • Long distance calls can be made by dialing 0 to connect to the UFV switchboard operator. The operator will ask for the number you wish to be connected to and process the call.
  • The UFV campuses in Hope and at the Abbotsford Airport are not directly connected to the larger UFV telephone system. Directory listings for faculty and staff at each of these campuses will display the 10 digit telephone number associated with these two locations.

UFV directory

The UFV Directory is available at ufv.ca/directory/ and is searchable by name or by department.

  • Each listing displays the local(s) assigned to an individual, or if the person is on leave.
  • Some entries also display a prefix in brackets before the extension. These extensions can be dialed directly by an outside caller and will bypass the automated attendant.
  • The area code for all direct in extensions is 604. For any listing that does not have a direct in prefix, the outside caller must dial 604 504-7441 and enter the extension number when prompted.
  • If the faculty or staff member has a voicemail box, the information is also shown in the directory. If they have chosen not to use UFV voicemail, the column will be left blank.


Phone & Voicemail Setup at UFV 

Setup Instructions

      • IT Services assigns a voicemail box number and sends setup instructions once your computer account request is sent to the IT Services Help Desk.
      • Follow the voicemail tutorial on your phone to setup your 6-digit passcode, record your greeting, and establish a name for your mailbox.
      • More detailed phone and voice mail information is available on the IT Services website.

Retrieving Messages On Campus

      • If you travel between campuses, your messages can be retrieved from any phone on any campus by following the instructions for a shared local:
      1. If you do not share a local, Dial 8*
        If you do share a local, dial 4500 or 2800. When you hear the greeting start, Dial * plus your voicemail box number.
      2. Enter your passcode
      • Kept messages will be saved for 7 days and will not activate the message light on your phone
      • New messages that have not been played will be saved for 14 days before being deleted

Retrieving Messages Off Campus

      1. Dial either 604-854-4500 (Abbotsford) or 604-795-2800 (Chilliwack).
      2. When you hear the greeting start, Dial * plus your mailbox number.
      3. When prompted, enter your passcode.

Changing Your Name or Passcode

      • After entering your mailbox, press U for User Options Menu and either N for Name Menu or P for Passcode.

Recording a Greeting

      1. After entering your mailbox, press U for the User Options Menu.
      2. Once in the User Options Menu, press G for the Greetings Menu.
      3. Listen to the options and choose one of the following options:
        • Press 7 to record or change your Primary Greeting
        • Press 2 to record or change your Conditional Greetings (what callers here when your line is busy or when you are not there)
        • Press 4 to record or enable your Extended Absence Greeting

Extended Absence Greeting

    • Summer is the time of year when many of us are out of the office for extended periods of time.
    • Before you leave, please change your voicemail greeting to inform callers of your absence.
    • Extended absence greetings PREVENT callers from leaving a message in your mailbox while it is enabled.
    • While you are gone, if you receive a voice message that is not accessed within the next 14 days, the message will be automatically deleted from the system and is not recoverable.
    • If you are going to be away from your office for more than 2 weeks, please include information in your greeting stating the length of time you will be away and suggest an alternative person to contact.

UFV wifiWireless Access

eduroam logo

at UFV‌‌


eduroam is now available at UFV! Go to eduroam.ufv.ca for your wireless connection!


Printing in a UFV computer lab

Step 1: Obtain a Campus Card

  • ‌Students must first obtain a Campus Card from the card office.
  • Dates, times, and campus locations are listed on the Campus Card website at the start of each semester.

Step 2: Load money onto the Campus Card

  • Students are required to pay $0.10 per page when using the lab printers.
  • Students must have appropriate funds on their card prior to printing in a computer lab.
  • Pre-load the printing and photocopying fund on the Campus Card in the card office, or at the Bookstore.
  • NOTE: Campus Cards used for printing in the computer labs ARE compatible with the photocopiers.

Step 3: Send print job to printer

  1. Send your print job from your computer as you would normally.
  2. Walk over to the nearest, working print station. (The printers are on a network so you may access your print job from another lab if the printer you are using is not functional or is out of paper.)
  3. Insert your Campus Card.
  4. Enter your username on the monitor beside the printer and click the OK button.
  5. You will see a list of your print job(s) on the screen. Use the mouse to select (click on) your print job.
  6. Click on PRINT and your print job will be sent to printer AND money will be deducted from your print card.

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Computer Use Policy

  • The Appropriate Use of Computing and Network Resources governs your use and access to UFV computers and network.
  • Please follow any posted rules or regulations in labs and report inappropriate computer use to IT Services.
  • Policy #14 can be found under the University Services section on the University Secretariat website at www.ufv.ca/secretariat/policies.

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ETS (Educational Technology Services)

ETS provides UFV students with a variety of easily accessible educational technologies, equipment, and services for enhancing their teaching and learning such as:

  • ETS equipment and services for audio/visual and new technologies. 
  • Video room
  • eRooms support
  • myClass (Blackboard)
  • Workshops through Teaching & Learning (TLC) ufv.ca/tlc

For more detailed information, help, and support, go to ufv.ca/ets


Contact Information: 

  • Abbotsford campus: G104, Peter Jones Learning Commons (Library Building), 604-854-4546 
  • Chilliwack Education Park campus: A1205, Building A (Library), 604-702-2617

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Online Courses

Login Information

  • Log into a Blackboard Learn course at myclass.ufv.ca.
  • STUDENTS use their student number and their 8-12 digit myUFV password to log into an online course.
  • FACULTY use their their employee number and 6-digit myUFV password to log into an online course.
  • If you are on a UFV campus, make sure you use the Eduroam option to connect through wireless to a Blackboard Learn online course.
  • You can also log into myUFV and choose the My Courses channel to:
    • View their course schedules, homepages, and course material,
    • Email instructors, communicate with classmates, and
    • Access UFV online courses.

Online Help

If you are having difficulties using Blackboard Learn, please check your web browser compatibility and choose a browser that is certified for best results. You can check your compatibility by:

For general online course information, please go to www.ufv.ca/online.

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Library User Web Services

My Library Account

  • Find out more about Library User Web Services and access your online UFV Library Account here.

Note: your library password is different from your myUFV and Computer Account.

UFV Library Hours and Locations

  • Find Library locations and hours here.

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Social Media

  • Marketing and Communications is responsible for social media: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and UFV blogs.
  • Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

Universal Design and IT

  • UD (Universal Design) strives to provide a usable, welcoming, inclusive and independent learning environment and resources for students with a wide variety of characteristics.
  • Applications of UD in education includes the areas of instruction, services and policies, information technology and physical spaces.
  • At UFV, the Disability Resource Centre at is a key promoter of UD guidance.
  • The DRC provides options in adaptive technology in the areas of funding and application, software and hardware.
  • For more information, please visit the DRC website at http://www.ufv.ca/disabilityservices/

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Anti-Virus Software

  • UFV provides Trend Micro OfficeScan anti-virus client software for UFV workstations and UFV supplied laptops only
  • Home users may want to consider purchasing a discounted Trend Micro consumer anti-virus product for personally owned computers
  • Trend Micro Titanium can be purchased for the nominal price of $15 plus tax.  Versions of this anti-virus software are available for PC, Mac, and mobile phone users.  Please refer to the following location for more details: https://itservicedesk.ufv.ca/ehd/kb/kbView.glml?kbId=174
  • For more information about computer security, please refer to IT Security

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Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP)

You are now eligible to participate in Microsoft’s Software Assurance Home Use Program (HUP). This program enables you to get a licensed copy of most Microsoft® Office desktop PC applications to install and use on your home computer.

Under the Home Use Program, you and our other employees who are users of qualifying applications at work (e.g. Office Enterprise) may acquire a licensed copy of the corresponding Home Use Program software (e.g. Office Enterprise) to install and use on a home computer. You may continue using HUP software while you are under our employment and as long as the corresponding software you use at work has active Software Assurance coverage.

Please note that some product and language versions may not be available at the time you place an order. For up-to-date information on the availability of Home Use Program software, please visit http://microsoft.com/licensing.

To access the Microsoft Home Use Program Web site:

  1. Go to http://hup.microsoft.com/
  2. Select the country to which you want your order to be shipped to and choose the language for viewing the order Web site.
  3. Enter your corporate e-mail address and insert the following program code 2CEE1019D3.

    Note: This program code is assigned to our organization for our sole use in accessing this site. You may not share this number with anyone outside our organization.

Please note you cannot use Office 365 or Outlook 2016 client (currently available through the UFV Microsoft Home User Program) for use with UFV employee email. UFV employee email is not configurable in these versions of MS Outlook.

We trust you will enjoy this benefit and look forward to your participation.

Prep Room Computers

  • Computers and printers are available in the faculty prep rooms (Abbotsford, B385a; Chilliwack, 3404)

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  • eRooms are classrooms include the following special technical equipment:
    • a computer with network access
    • a data projector;
    • a VHS/DVD player;
    • a sound system and a computer jack for laptops.
  • Employees can reserve an eRoom through Room Bookings (OReg)
    • Online Room Booking Form
    • Phone in your request to at local 4390

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IT Systems & Services Status

Unexpected Outages

Unexpected outage information notices and updates can be found on the IT Services Unscheduled Outage webpage. You can also find updates here:

Scheduled Maintenance

IT Services' scheduled outages occur for updates and upgrades and may cause interruptions to services. These outages can be found on the IT Services Events webpage.

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Contact us

IT Service Desk

  • Email itservicedesk@ufv.ca
  • Phone 604.864.4610
  • Toll Free(Canada) 1-888-504-7441 Extension:4610
  • Visit IT Service Desk office at Abbotsford B241
  • Fall and Winter Semester IT Service Desk Hours
    • 8 am - 8:00 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    • 8 am - 4:30 pm Friday
    • Closed Saturday and Sunday
  • Summer Semester hours
    (Begins the Tuesday of the 3rd week after semester start)
    • 8 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday
    • Closed Saturday and Sunday

Submit a Ticket

  • Go to itservicedesk.ufv.ca.
  • Students: login using your student number and your myUFV password.
  • Employees: login using your Employee Computer Account username and password.
  • Please provide your full name, student number, phone number and details of your enquiry.

Knowledge Base

  • Search the IT Service Desk Knowledge Base for self help with common UFV computer-related problems and questions.
  • No login is required.

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