Information Technology Services

Employee tech guide

Email for UFV employees

How to access employee email

You can access your email in three different ways:

  • On campus at any UFV office computer
  • By logging into Outlook Web App
  • By logging into your myUFV account

How to log into Outlook

Use your employee computer account username and password to access your email through Outlook. You can access your email from home through the Outlook Web App and logging in using your UFV computer login credentials.

Email security system

IT Services uses an email security system called the Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall. This software works to monitor both incoming and outgoing mail, filtering out messages determined to be spam and/or infected with viruses.

Users can check their quarantined messages, classify messages as spam and not spam, manage whitelisting and blacklisting of email addresses, and modify their user preferences using the Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall interface. To access your quarantined emails, you will need to enter your UFV email address as your username and your Employee Computer Account password.

A guide to using Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall software can be found in the IT Knowledge Base.

If I change my name, will my email address automatically be updated?

No, your email address will not be automatically updated if you change your name. If you chose to change your email address to reflect your new name, please contact IT Service Desk.

Wi-Fi by eduroam

What is eduroam?

‌‌‌Eduroam is a collaborative network that provides current students, faculty, and staff with fast, secure, and reliable access to wireless services (Wi-Fi) on UFV campuses, as well as at participating institutions in 70 territories worldwide.

Use the same login credentials on every eduroam network, regardless of where you are.

Configure your device or phone at UFV before you attempt to connect at another institution.

How do I connect to Wi-Fi by eduroam?

These instructions are intended for students, faculty, and staff that have current, valid UFV network credentials.

  1. Select eduroam

When you are on campus, eduroam will automatically appear in the list of available wireless networks on your device. Simply select eduroam from the list and connect.


  1. Enter your username and password

Eduroam requires a different username format than your other UFV credentials, but it does use the same password. Your eduroam username combines two elements:


student number +


Use the same password as you use with myUFV, myFiles, Blackboard, etc.


network username +

e.g. — Do not get confused. This is not the same as your email address.

Use the same password you use to log in to the UFV network.

  1. Connect

Click the “Connect”, “Finish” or “Save” button to start using eduroam WiFi Wireless services at UFV. You will not need to log in again once you have made the connection.

  1. Instructions by device

If the above instructions did not work for you, please select your device below and follow the steps to connect your device to eduroam wireless internet:

Need help with Wi-Fi by eduroam?

View troubleshooting tips

  • If UFV is not your home university, please seek instruction from IT help services at your own institution.
  • UFV IT Services provides support for the wireless service and the eduroam authentication process offered across all UFV campuses.
  • IT Services does not support the operation or configuration of personal mobile devices: questions and concerns should be directed to the hardware manufacturer
Eduroam assistance for UFV students and employees is also available at

Voicemail and telephone

UFV telephone system

UFV's main telephone number is 604-504-7441 and our switchboard is associated with this number. Callers in the Chilliwack area can also dial 604-792-0025 to be automatically redirected to the Abbotsford switchboard.

Switchboard hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

  • Internal calls from one extension to another can be completed by dialing the 4 digit extension number listed in the UFV directory.
  • Local calls to telephones outside of the UFV system can be completed by dialing 9 + the 10 digit telephone number.
  • Our extended calling area reaches from Aldergrove to Metro Vancouver. To call a telephone number located in this area dial 9 + 1 + the 10 digit telephone number.
  • Long distance calls can be made by dialing 0 to connect to the UFV switchboard operator. The operator will ask for the number you wish to be connected to and process the call.

Note: The UFV campuses in Hope and at the Abbotsford Airport are not directly connected to the larger UFV telephone system. Directory listings for faculty and staff at each of these campuses will display the 10 digit telephone number associated with these two locations.

UFV directory

The UFV directory is searchable by name or by department.

Each listing displays the local(s) assigned to an individual, or if the person is on leave. Some entries also display a prefix in brackets before the extension. These extensions can be dialed directly by an outside caller and will bypass the automated attendant.

The area code for all direct in extensions is 604. For any listing that does not have a direct in prefix, the outside caller must dial 604-504-7441 and enter the extension number when prompted.

If the faculty or staff member has a voicemail box, the information is also shown in the directory. If they have chosen not to use UFV voicemail, the column will be left blank.

Voicemail setup

IT Services assigns a voicemail box number and sends setup instructions once your computer account request is sent to the IT Services Help Desk.

Follow the voicemail tutorial on your phone to set up your 6-digit passcode, record your greeting, and establish a name for your mailbox.

Download the voicemail setup (PDF) for common voicemail procedures and key functions.

Retrieve messages

  1. Dial:
    • 8* from your desk/if you do not share a local.
    • 4500 (Abbotsford) or 2800 (Chilliwack) from any phone on campus/if you share a local. When you hear the greeting start, dial * plus your mailbox number.
    • 604-854-4500 (Abbotsford) or 604-795-2800 (Chilliwack) if you are off campus. When you hear the greeting start, dial * plus your mailbox number.
  1. When prompted, enter your passcode.
    • Kept messages will be saved for 7 days and will not activate the message light on your phone
    • New messages that have not been played will be saved for 14 days before being deleted

    Change your name or passcode

    After entering your mailbox, press U for User Options Menu and either N for Name Menu or P for Passcode.

    Record a greeting

    1. After entering your mailbox, press U for the User Options Menu.
    2. Once in the User Options Menu, press G for the Greetings Menu.
    3. Listen to the options and choose one of the following options:
      • Press 7 to record or change your Primary Greeting
      • Press 2 to record or change your Conditional Greetings (what callers hear when your line is busy or when you are not there)
      • Press 4 to record or enable your Extended Absence Greeting

    Extended absence greeting

    Before you leave, please change your voicemail greeting to inform callers of your absence. Extended absence greetings prevent callers from leaving a message in your mailbox while it is enabled.

    While you are gone, if you receive a voice message that is not accessed within the next 14 days, the message will be automatically deleted from the system and is not recoverable.

    If you are going to be away from your office for more than 2 weeks, please include information in your greeting stating the length of time you will be away and suggest an alternative person to contact.

    To record or enable your extended absence greeting:

    1. After entering your mailbox, press U for the User Options Menu.
    2. Once in the User Options Menu, press G for the Greetings Menu.
    3. Press 4 to record or enable your Extended Absence Greeting.

    Mobile phone and roaming

    Request a new mobile phone service

    October 2019 

    UFV is currently in the process of moving our Telus devices to our new provider, Rogers Mobility.  For more information on the migration, please visit Project Updates.

    1. Purchase a new mobile device
    1. Complete a Supply Purchase Requisition (SPR) that includes: 
      • Make and model of the device; visit Rogers Mobility to view available devices
      • Include the name of the person who will use the phone
      • If you require a new Rogers sim card include the following: Rogers Regular Sim Card
      • If you require a new case, enter the case name and model
      • Include a note on the SPR requesting the phone to be delivered to ITS, Room B244
      • Ensure the SPR is signed/authorized and budget code for the purchase and future usage billing is included
      • Keep the bottom copy of your SPR and send the original document to IT Services, B244, attn: ITS Assistant
    1. Activate your new mobile phone
    1. When we receive your phone, we will contact you to visit the IT Service Desk to complete the setup. Before you set up your phone:
      • Advise IT Service Desk if you would like to transfer an existing phone number to your new phone
      • If you plan to restore your new phone with content/contacts from a previous phone, complete a back up of your previous phone and sign out of your account (Google ID/Apple ID).  Visit Rogers Mobile Preparation to learn more
      • When picking up your phone at IT Service Desk, you will need to sign into the phone using your UFV username and password

    Add a roaming package

    If you are traveling for personal* or business and will be taking your UFV mobile with you please request a roaming package to be added to your plan five days before travel. To request a roaming package employees can create an IT Service Desk ticket or email including the following information:  

    * If your roaming package is used for personal use, you may be required to reimburse the university for the extra expense.

    Set up Wi-Fi on your mobile device

    Review eduroam instructions to set up Wi-Fi on your mobile device.

    Network files

    What drives do employees have access to?

    • F: drive (HomeDIR) – Your personal storage space - You can add, modify, and delete files.
    • G: drive (Departments) – Your department storage space – staff will be given access to specific files and folders as specified by their department.
    • H: drive (Employee) – Employees’ campus-wide public storage space.
    • Q Drive (Instructor) – Used by instructors to distribute course files to students. Faculty can add, modify, or delete files. Students can only read and save files.
    • Groups (Optional) – Additional network drive access for some staff members.

    Access the employee network drives off campus

    You may access and manage UFV network folders and drives remotely by logging in to:

    • myFiles or
    • myUFV
      • Login to myUFV using your employee ID and password (see myUFV account for more information).
      • Click on the Online Services tab.
      • Under Network Files click on myFiles.

    Download myFiles instructions with screenshots (PDF).

    Employee access and services

    New UFV computer account access at time of hire

    A UFV computer account allows access to the UFV network files and email on campus and remotely.

    Inital access to a UFV computer account is setup by the IT Service Desk and may take up to ten business days during peak volume periods.

    Only department heads, deans, directors, or department assistants can submit a request to the IT Service Desk to setup a new employee computer account.

    Please copy and fill in the following information when emailing your request for a new employee access:

    • First and last name
    • Employee number
    • Department
    • Job title
    • Primary campus
    • Office number
    • Telephone number or local
    • Expiration date of account
    • Network access restrictions
    • Department G drive access (optional)
    • Budget code (for Print/Copy)

    Once the new account is setup, IT Service Desk sends the username and temporary password to both the department requestor and the new account holder.

    Read instructions for a new employee for first time UFV computer access:

    • Your username is usually their last name and first initial (ex. smithj)
    • Your password is the IT temporary password until they log into a UFV networked computer where they will be required to change it at first login.
    • Your new password must be at least 8-12 characters long and must contain a combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers, and special characters.


    Banner is a program used for institution-wide record keeping.

    Only department heads, deans, directors, or department assistants can submit a request to the IT Service Desk to setup Banner access.

    Request access to Banner for an employee

    Website content editing

    Public facing pages on the website is maintained by the Marketing team in University Relations.

    Permission to edit web pages within the website are granted to employees, faculty or staff by approval of the department head.

    Edit website content

    Website redirect

    A URL redirect is a web server function that sends a user from one URL to another.

    For example, if you type in into your browser, it will redirect you to

    Website redirects are useful for users if they don't want to type in your whole URL but rather a shorter one.

    To request a redirect URL to a website:

    1. Use the link below to go to the Request for Services portal.
    2. Log into the portal using your UFV computer account (lastnameFirstinitial).
    3. Follow the instructions provided.

    Get a website redirect

    Website subdomain

    A subdomain of a website is a domain that is a part of the main domain.

    For example, there are several sub-domains on's main domain, such as:


    Subdomains for applications on the domain are reviewed, setup and managed by IT Services.

    Request a new subdomain

    Event and guest wireless access

    Please copy and fill in the following information when emailing your request.

    Name of UFV guest or event:
    Date/period access is required for:
    Number of users
    Room number:

    myUFV Account

    What is myUFV?

    myUFV is a portal where you can access UFV employee web services such as:

    • Campus announcements
    • Pay stubs
    • Your T4 taxation forms
    • Your benefits information
    • Your online courses
    • Parking Pass

    Log into myUFV for the first time?

    In a web browser, go to myUFV.

    Username: Use your employee ID number as your username.
    Password: The IT Service Desk will provide a temporary password for you at the time of hire.

    What if I get locked out of myUFV account?

    myUFV will suspend your account if it detects too many attempts to log in with the wrong password. When this happens, you are locked out for 30 minutes.

    If after 30 minutes you are still unable to log in, please contact the IT Service Desk.

    Get help if you have lost your password or if your account is disabled

    1. Go to the login assistant and follow the prompts.

    2. A reset email will be sent to your personal email address if you have one on file with UFV.

    You can update/add a personal email address by logging into myUFV and selecting Update Email Address(es) under the Personal Information tab.

    If you choose not to register a personal email address or have any issues adding one, please visit or email the IT Service Desk.

    Online Courses

    How to log in to online courses

    Log into a Blackboard Learn course at myClass using your student/employee ID number and myUFV password. If you are on a UFV campus, make sure you use the eduroam network to connect through wireless to a Blackboard Learn online course.

    If you are having difficulties using Blackboard Learn, it may be due to the web browser you are using. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to navigate Blackboard Learn.

    For general online course information, please go to the UFV myClass info page.

    IT Services can assist UFV employees with both individual user and departmental software and hardware purchases.  Both software and hardware are considered restricted purchases and can be purchased on behalf of the user by IT Services.  Purchases of these items require a separate procedure regardless of the dollar amount and cannot be made using a credit card (PCard), Blanket Order (BO) or Direct Invoice (DI).

    Restricted items specific to IT Services include:

    • Computer Hardware (Computers, Monitors, Laptops, Tablets & Printers)
    • Software
    • Cellular and office phones

    Software Inquiry

    If you are unsure of the software you require or would like a quote on a specific license please contact the IT Service Desk.  Include in your email/ticket,  the name of software (if applicable) the need of the department/user, the number of licenses required and the requested date of completion.  An IT Services employee will reply via email to your inquiry.

    Software Purchase Procedure

    If you are ready to purchase software complete a Supply Purchase Requisition (SPR) that includes the following information:

    • The name of the person/user who will use the software
    • The name of the software and specifications if applicable
    • Requested installation date/deadline
    • Include the Workstation ID number (see white label on the computer/laptop)
    • Ensure the SPR is signed/authorized and budget code for the purchase is included.

    Keep the bottom copy of your SPR and send the original document to IT Services (B244) attn: ITS Software Manager.  An IT Services employee will reply via email confirming they have received your purchase request.

    Common software requests:

    • Adobe Acrobat Pro
    • Adobe Creative Cloud (20+ apps including Acrobat Pro DC, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, and InDesign)
    • Microsoft Project
    • Microsoft Visio
    • EndNote
    • Snagit

    Software Expectations

    By using a software license, you are only purchasing the right to use the software. You do not own the software and cannot redistribute it to others.  Keep in mind, software cannot be returned.  

    Some licenses are based around a yearly maintenance fee and specific to one machine and/or user, and often a single license cannot be used for multiple machines or users.  If you require software for multiple machines/users, email to ask about licensing options.


    UFV standard hardware such as a computer, laptop and/or monitors, is requested through IT Service Desk.  Computer peripherals (mouse, keyboard) for campus use may be outsourced for purchase.  IT Services should be consulted prior to peripheral purchase to confirm that the device is compatible with UFV standard computing equipment and/or network infrastructure. 

    Hardware Request

    Only Department Heads, Deans, Directors, or Department Assistants can submit a request to the IT Service Desk to request new hardware for a current or new employee.

    Please copy and fill in the following information when emailing your request for hardware:

    • First and last name
    • Employee number
    • Department
    • Job title
    • Office number
    • Type of Employment (Permanent, Contract, Sessional)
    • Budget code 
    • Start date
    • Type of hardware request
      View the specifications of standard UFV hardware‌ including pricing and inventory of upgrades available for purchase through IT Services.

    Please Note -  Computer hardware (excluding peripherals) is considered a restricted purchase and cannot be purchased directly by the employee/department.

    Computer Refresh Program

    IT Services allocates and supports new computer hardware in a 4-year cycle for all full-time, permanent UFV employees (100% full-time).  Sessional Faculty and/or shared, temporary staff computers are not included in the refresh program, each department is responsible allocating funds from their budget (capital hardware) for these positions.

    IT Services maintains the lifecycle of these assets, visit IT Services Knowledgebase to view the current schedule. The need for a replacement before the planned refresh can be requested and reviewed with the IT Deployment Coordinator.

    Video conferencing

    BlueJeans desktop video conferencing — What is it?

    BlueJeans is a cloud-based desktop video conferencing meeting platform that allows for face-to-face meetings to be held from virtually anywhere in the world. Meetings can be held on campus with remote users by simply using the BlueJeans platform, microphone, and camera technology from your laptop or desktop computer.

    BCNET has a partnership agreement with BlueJeans that allows for the use of the video conferencing service for all higher education institutes in B.C. UFV is currently trialing the BlueJeans Desktop Video Conferencing option that allows for audio and video communication with online participants using a web browser, telephone, iPad or iPhone. This desktop video conferencing service allows for increased productivity as well as a reduction in travel time and costs.

    Each desktop video conferencing session supports up to a maximum of 25 concurrent devices/users.

    What could I use the BlueJeans service for?

    • Job interviews
    • Long-distance meetings
    • Research and collaboration
    • Impromptu remote meetings that may be necessary because of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

    Who can use this service?

    • Faculty
    • Staff
    • Departments
    • Researchers
    • Administration

    Note: the service is not available to students at this time.

    How much does it cost?

    There is no cost for the service; however, long distance calling charges may apply.

    When and where can I use this service?

    You can use the service any time of day through a supported online connection at UFV or off-campus with an authorized invitation to attend a specific BlueJeans meeting.

    What equipment do I need to use BlueJeans?

    For single use

    • Laptop with a functioning camera or a PC with a peripheral USB webcam.
    • USB headset with microphone or alternatively a phone to dial in for audio (BlueJeans does not recommend using the built-in microphone on PCs or laptops as they are prone to feedback and echo).
    • iPhone or iPad with BlueJeans app installed.

    Larger group meeting (recommended)

    For larger group meetings where a single laptop with a camera and microphone headset won’t suffice, these additional peripherals are recommended:

    • USB external microphone
    • USB web camera
    • Tripod
    • Laptop HDMI port or VGA adapter to connect the laptop to a meeting room screen

    Where can I source this equipment?

    • Please go through your department or Procurement Services to source these items.
    • ETS also has some of these items for loan.

    IT Services does not have any to loan at this time.

    Request your Bluejeans account

    Please contact the IT Service Desk to request your BlueJeans account creation. Make sure to include the following information in your request:

    Full name:
    UFV email address:
    Full UFV telephone number (including local):
    Workstation ID or Computer Name (found on white sticker on hardware):
    Delegate: If you want delegation set up so someone else can schedule BlueJeans meetings on your behalf, please also include the above-listed information for them as well. This information will be used to populate your BlueJeans BCNET account creation.

    Include in the subject line: BlueJeans account request

    Upon creation of your account, you will receive a welcome email from BlueJeans, then a second email from the IT Service Desk that will provide you with both login instructions and setup instructions to follow. Once the setup is complete, the use of the desktop video conferencing service is self-managed.


    Technical support by IT Services and the IT Service Desk for the use of the service is limited to ensuring accounts are created and maintained, and that there is on campus internet connectivity. Ensuring UFV supplied equipment (e.g., laptop camera, microphones, ports, jacks) are in working order to facilitate the BlueJeans meetings are also within this scope.

    How to questions and BlueJeans system issues outside of that scope are handled by BlueJeans. They have extensive documentation as well as weekly real-time training sessions you can take advantage of:

    Resources and FAQ


    The Knowledgebase allows you to search the IT Service Desk for self-help with common UFV computer-related problems and questions.

    No login is required to access the knowledgebase.

    Is the UFV website and services down for everyone or just me?

    Please check the ITS homepage blog feed for updates on whether or not UFV services are down.

    Anti-virus software

    UFV provides Trend Micro OfficeScan anti-virus client software for UFV workstations and UFV supplied laptops only.

    Home users may want to consider purchasing a discounted Trend Micro consumer anti-virus product for personally owned computers. Trend Micro Titanium can be purchased for the nominal price of $15 plus tax. Versions of this anti-virus software are available for PC, Mac, and mobile phone users. Please refer to the Knowledgebase for instructions to purchase Trend Micro Titanium and for more information about computer security.

    OFFICE 365: Free For UFV Employees

    Microsoft's Home Use Program (HUP) is now discontinued and has been replaced with Microsoft Office 365.

    UFV employees can receive MS Office 365 for free (based on the Microsoft Office 365 Education Agreement) by signing up and registering with your email address.  Employees need to be aware that this is for use on PERSONAL devices only. This product is not meant to be installed on any UFV owned computer, laptop or tablet.

    Important Information Regarding Office 365 for UFV Students and Faculty

    Personal registration information will be stored in the USA. You can choose to use Office 365 or install the local client based version of Office. However, your UFV email and personal information given at registration time will be located in the USA.  IT Services will not provide or install Microsoft Office 365 for UFV employees, as the current Microsoft tenant for UFV is in the United States and therefore is impacted by British Columbia’s FIPPA laws. For more information on UFV's compliance with BC's FIPPA laws please refer to:  

    It is expected that UFV will be moving all accounts to the Office 365 Canadian tenant in the near future. IT Services will not move any documents or email over from the US tenant when this happens. It will be up to students and faculty to perform any backups or moves of personal data to the new Canadian tenant.

    Visit our Knowledge Base to read more about privacy implications regarding Office 365.   Click Here to access Office 365 for personal use and create a new account using your email address.

    What are UFV alerts and how do I sign up?

    The UFV Alert emergency notification system keeps the UFV community informed in emergency situations, weather closures or power outages. It is used to provide a secure and safe campus for UFV students, employees, and visitors.

    Sign up for UFV alerts to receive important information and instructions during an emergency or severe weather event.

    How to book an eRoom

    eRooms are classrooms that include the following special technical equipment:

    • a computer with network access
    • a data projector;
    • a VHS/DVD player;
    • a sound system and a computer jack for laptops.

    Please visit the room bookings page on the Office of the Registrar website to reserve an eRoom.

    How do I use the eRoom touchscreen PCs?

    Please visit ETS to view an instructional video on how to use eRoom technology.

    Rent audio and video equipment

    ETS (Educational Technology Services) provides UFV’s students with a variety of easily accessible educational technologies, equipment, and services for enhancing their teaching and learning. You may rent audio and video equipment through ETS.

    Contact Us