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Earn your pilot wings

Earn your pilot wings

Aviation is a dynamic industry with exciting growth opportunities for people with the right technical and business skills.

In partnership with renowned flight training companies, UFV offers a two-year Aviation diploma to help you kick start your career in this expanding industry.

UFV's Aviation diploma mixes classroom studies, in-air flight training, and simulator training. You earn your commercial pilot license certified by Transport Canada and undergo multi-engine and instrument training.

Once you graduate, you have both the technical skills and business background required to attract the attention of potential airplane employers or on-demand aviation service providers, both in Canada and worldwide. Or you may decide to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation to increase your potential for career advancement, if you wish to become an operations manager or a senior airline or airport administrator.

Career Outlook

According to Boeing's Pilot and Technician Outlook, between now and 2032, demand for pilots will grow, as airlines across the globe expand their fleets and a generation of older pilots retire. The largest growth is projected in the Asia Pacific region, with a need for 192,300 new pilots, 77,400 of them in China alone. Europe will require 99,700 pilots, North America 85,700, Latin America 48,600, the Middle East 40,000, Africa 16,500, and the Commonwealth of Independent States 15,200.

After you graduate, you could become a bush pilot, work for a tourism business, or venture into flight instruction. When you accumulate enough flight hours, you may fly jumbo jets or become an aerial fire ranger.

Graduates of the two-year diploma can pursue further studies at UFV and complete a Bachelor of General Studies or a Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation to diversify their employment opportunities.