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Business Diploma (Aviation)

Business Administration (Aviation) diploma



Two years

How to apply

Start date:
January, May, September 

Abbotsford campus



  • Open to Diploma (Aviation) students starting Fall 2022: Co-op semester(s) provide paid career-related work experience (pilot positions not included)
  • Program eligible for financial aid


UFV’s Business Administration (Aviation) diploma is designed to add core business skills to your advanced aviation training, preparing you for a promising career in the aviation industry.

Your diploma will include UFV courses as well as your pilot training. You'll complete a series of fifteen academic courses in key business areas such as accounting, economics, communication, and marketing.

The flight component of your program will take place at a flight school of your choice. After you complete your training, Transport Canada will assess you and award you Aviation licenses and ratings that allow you to fly a variety of aircraft in varying conditions. With these certifications complete, you'll receive academic credit towards your UFV business diploma. You can complete your certifications either before, during, or after your business courses, and you have the freedom to switch flight schools if needed.

View program outline in the UFV Academic Calendar.

Additional opportunities

Starting in Fall 2022, aviation diploma students can build on-the-job skills by participating in the Co-operative education option. Combine study semesters with four- eight, or twelve-month paid work terms, offered in regional, national, and global firms. Positions are available in business settings (not pilot roles). These opportunities provide you with valuable experience and boost your career prospects.


According to Boeing's Pilot and Technician Outlook, between now and 2032, demand for pilots will grow, as airlines across the globe expand their fleets and a generation of older pilots retire. The largest growth is projected in the Asia Pacific region, with a need for 192,300 new pilots, 77,400 of them in China alone. Europe will require 99,700 pilots, North America 85,700, Latin America 48,600, the Middle East 40,000, Africa 16,500, and the Commonwealth of Independent States 15,200.



This program is open for international students


Apply to Qualifying Studies if you do not currently meet the diploma entry requirements in order to upgrade your qualifications for future admissions.

To meet the requirements of this program, you will need to meet the prerequisites for Algebra and Functions for Business (MATH 140) and Academic Writing (ENGL 105).

Upgrading Math courses

Upgrading options for math include completing one of the following:

  • C+ or better in pre-calculus 11
  • C or better in Principles of Mathematics 11, or Pre-calculus 12, OR MATH 085
  • Principles of Mathematics 12, MATH 092, or MATH 096
  • a score of 17/25 or better on Part A of the MSAT

Please speak with a Qualifying Studies advisor to learn more about additional options. 

Upgrading English Language Proficiency for admission 

Many options are available, please email if you have English Language Proficiency upgrading questions.


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