School of Business

Research seminar series

Bi-monthly, the Business Research Committee within the School of Business hosts seminars for faculty who have conducted research in the areas of business and economics.

These seminars are a great platform for both students and faculty to familiarize themselves with research conducted within the School of Business. This forum fosters dialogue between researchers and attendees who are interested in the ever changing landscape of business.

The last seminar of the academic year has become the “Business Students Research Day,” where candidates for the Student Research Award present their research projects.



Pursuing an undergraduate degree at UFV is extremely unique, as students have the amazing opportunity to conduct research with their instructors. I was priviledged enough to work with Dr. Frank Ulbrich, and not only did I present my research at the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada Conference in Halifax in 2015, but I became a published academic author by the end of my degree. If you are passionate enough about something, or are willing to reveal your strengths and ideas to your professors here at UFV, the likelihood of an academic partnership occurring is quite high.

  • – Karmin Gray
  •    BBA Human Resources, 2016

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