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Research seminar series

Bi-monthly, the Business Research Committee within the School of Business hosts seminars for faculty who have conducted research in the areas of business and economics.

These seminars are a great platform for both students and faculty to familiarize themselves with research conducted within the School of Business. This forum fosters dialogue between researchers and attendees who are interested in the ever changing landscape of business.

The last seminar of the academic year has become the “Business Students Research Day,” where candidates for the Student Research Award present their research projects.

Upcoming Seminars 2017 

Upcoming seminars will be posted shortly, please check back soon for more informaiton. 

Recent seminars, 2017

“Marconomics: Defining Economics through Social Science and Consumer Behavior”, Dr. Ken R. Blawatt, UFV School of Business.

March 10, 2017

Dr. Blawatt is the author of the book, Macronomics: Defining Economics through Social Science and Consumer Behaviour. 

Economics is now under some pressure to improve, if not change its premise. In the last few decades noteworthy economists, leading academics and business leaders worldwide, have expressed serious reservations about classical economics as a discipline and practice. Lester Thurow, former dean of the MIT Sloan School of Management has long been critical of the discipline. Robert Nelson likens it to a religion while Philip J. Kotler, widely viewed as the Father of Modern Marketing believes it should be replaced.

Fortunately, a new trend is emerging that offers a positive direction for the discipline; one that applies economics from a human perspective. This more realistic approach, Behavioural Economics, incorporates human motivations and values. It argues that personal issues or cognitive biases guide economic activity, rather than assumptive factors about demand, equilibrium and trade functions.

Dr. Blawatt’s research addresses the foregoing and moves the discussion even deeper into human behavior. In his new book, Marconomics, he argues that a new paradigm guides economic affairs. Based on empirical evidence it determines that an economy is guided by expectations and perceptions, not price and volume, and is arranged in three tiers; an entrepreneurial economy, a managed economy and a mass marketing or declining economy. 


“Mind, Money & Markets: A Guide for Every Investor, Trader and Business Person”, Dave Harder, RBC Wealth Management.

February 3, 2017 

Dave Harder is co-author of the book, Mind, Money & Markets, together with U.S. psychiatrist, Dr. Janice Dorn. The book explains how history, cycles and patterns of human behavior can be the best guide for what should happen in the future. He is one of the few experts in North America who forecast the decline of oil prices and the Alberta economy, which has turned out to be the most significant economic event of the last five years. More recently, he forecast rising interest rates, the election of Donald Trump and the positive impact this would have on economic growth.


Past Seminars, 2016

Virtual reality: Providing social support to those far far away?, Jelena Brcic, School of Business
October, 2016

We are explorers. Exploring and colonizing Mars seems to be next on the agenda for humankind. In addition to resolving and developing new technologies to protect astronauts from radiation and enabling them to grow food throughout the mission, we need to address the social nature of humans. Social separation poses a significant threat to astronaut’s behavioural health and performance. Virtual environments have been proposed as a way to allow crew members and their significant others to meet in the same geospatial context, thus helping maintain social connectivity, psychosocial health, and improved task performance. Come join the discussion to tackle the question of whether virtual reality can aid future Mars explorers in staying connected to Earth and their families.

Past seminars, 2015

Recycling of Scrap Tires in British Columbia, DJ Sandhu, School of Business
May, 2015

Conterfeit Culture, Dr. Judy Zaichkowsky, Beedie School of Business
March, 2015

Executive Education at UFV School of Business,Cindy Stewart
February, 2015

Past seminars, 2014

Seven challenges management must overcome when implimenting IT-shared services, Dr. Frank Ulbrich
December, 2014

Finding meaning in social networks: A theory of how both strong and weak ties can lead to meaningful work, Dr. Kirsten Robertson
October, 2014

Does research & development create or resolve uncertainty?, Wing Him Yeung
March, 2014

Cost of equity effects from mandatory IFRS adoption: The importance of reporting incentives, Dr. Raymond Leung
March, 2014

Past seminars, 2013

Why are we teaching sales at university? And what can we do to do it even better, Mark Breedveld
November, 2013

Is there a green path of catching up?, Dr. Ding Lu
October, 2013

Illegal insider trading and corporate ownership structure, Dr. Mike Ivanof
March, 2013

Coefficient Alpha (ɑ) for Business Data: A Reliable Measurement Indicator or Defected Benchmark?, Dr. Joe Ilsever
January, 2013

Past seminars, 2012

The Acquisition Puzzle and Mispricing: Evidence of Over-optimism, Dr. Amir Hajbaba
November, 2012




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