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School of Business

Marketing major

Marketing graduates work in a variety of fields, including advertising and public relations, marketing research, retail management, professional selling, and sales management, brand/product management, and non-profits. As the only Canadian university that requires its business students to take a course in professional selling and offers upper level courses in B2B selling and sales management, UFV’s marketing program provides you with a strategic edge over the competition.

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Declared students

Based on 2019/20 academic year enrolment, 63 out of 335 BBA students are in the Marketing major.

Uniqueness of the Marketing major

UFV is one of the only universities in Canada that

  1. Requires all business students to take an introductory course in professional selling
  2. Offers an upper level applied course in B2B selling
  3. Offers an upper level course in sales management

That's three courses in sales, referred to as the "sales track" at UFV.

Study Abroad

Marketing student Jenia Siemens studies in the UK

"Studying abroad allowed me to indulge my fascination with the UK without putting my schooling on hold. I chose the University of South Wales because the program was in English, and it was in a rural setting, which I enjoyed. It was a couple hours from London, and a short plane trip from other places of interest. I also received a scholarship through the Tradewinds program, which paid for most of my trip. Travelling alone pushed me out of my comfort zone and equipped me with essential life skills such as communication and independence. But making new friends from all over the world was the best part. I met a girl from UFV: we did everything together, from foam dance parties, to travelling to France and Italy. These experiences created a special bond between us and led to me being her bridesmaid."


Partner schools worldwide

Students are encouraged to view course offerings to find the school that best fits their program.

Co-operative Education

Typical Co-op jobs

  • Career Development and Events Assistant
  • Community Services Assistant
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Student Community Relations
  • Consumer Customer Development
  • Brand Marketing Intern

Co-op success story: Sandy Sekhon

"I absolutely loved my experience with the Co-op program! It opened my eyes to the numerous roles and career paths available for Marketing graduates. Not only that, the positions I had gave me a look into two very different industries, which gave me a better idea as to where I saw myself in my future career. The program prepared me for what to expect when working in a professional environment, and gave me a peek into how various departments in an organization work together. But, I think the biggest thing was it helped me build confidence, and gave me the reassurance that the path I had chosen was the one for me."

  • – Sandy Sekhon
  •    BBA Marketing major, June 2015 Alumni

Potential jobs and matching salaries

Entry level: Communications Coordinator

A Communications Coordinator has a lead role in identifying and communicating content focused on their company’s achievements for a variety of internal and external channels, including social media, websites, and the intranet. A Communications Coordinator also provides administrative and technical services to assist with implementing a communications strategy and with creating awareness and promotion of a strong positive profile for their company’s’ goals, projects, and campaigns.


Marketing Coordinator median salary

Salary range: $36,000 to $95,680 [NOC 1123]

Entry level — Marketing Coordinator

A Marketing Coordinator is responsible for the onboarding of new clients and taking them through the process of developing a full set of marketing materials and providing clients with consulting expertise on a wide variety of marketing subjects.

Senior level: Marketing and PR Manager

A Marketing and PR Manager is responsible for developing, managing, and coordinating all marketing activities of their company. The Marketing and PR Manager is responsible for creating and executing marketing programs, participating in industry events as a public representative for their company, taking charge of media relations, and ensuring marketing investments generate positive ROI and stay on a budget. The ideal candidate has a demonstrated ability to work in a fast-paced environment, and can balance both strategic planning and tactical responsibilities.

Executive level: Director of Marketing

A Director of Marketing is responsible for driving revenue, fostering innovation, and providing strategic vision by leading their company’s product, pricing, and distribution marketing strategies. Reporting to the company's president, this position is responsible for overseeing the marketing department and ensuring the company consistently delivers sales growth in defined strategic markets.


Director of Marketing median salary

Salary range: $48,000 to $159,994 [NOC 0124]

Graduates without relevant work, Co-op, or international study experience should expect an entry-level pay at the lower end of the spectrum.

Graduate profile


Success story: Wayne Ortner, BBA Marketing option, 2012 Alumni

"UFV is a fantastic learning environment," says Wayne Ortner, an alumni from UFV's Bachelor of Business Administration marketing option. "We are very fortunate to have so many devoted professors. At UFV it feels like you are a part of the lecture, rather than being lectured to. The close-knit atmosphere generates a lot of meaningful discussion and interaction between the students and professors, which is something you don’t always find in a learning environment".

After graduating Wayne worked in web development sales and marketing, and was a commercial lines insurance broker.

Currently an Account Executive at FlexiBake ERP Software, he is involved in the sales and marketing of the companies ERP software solutions to the baking industry. With over 550 customers in twenty countries, spanning six continents this B.C.-based company continues to expand every year.

Now in his self-proclaimed dream job, Wayne reflects, "the Business Administration program at UFV helped me gain the knowledge and experience necessary for the real-life situations I would eventually face in a business environment. They helped me build a solid foundation and prepared me for the positions and industries I wanted to work in."

The learning that Wayne received did not solely come from the classroom. Getting involved in extracurricular activities, such as various competitions, was a highlight for him. "When you get put into real-life situations", he says, "you learn the most. Plus you meet and develop long-term friendships and working relationships. The most valuable experience I gained at UFV was from the extracurricular activities that I was not required to do."

BBA Alumni

I highly suggest that students look into the variety of the great classes UFV has to offer. That variety provided me with diverse set of skills in my 'toolbox' to help me take on and tackle an assortment of challenges out in the real world. In the workforce so far I have had to pull on all the different subject areas of the classes I took, from in-depth forecasting from finance, all the way to strategic management.

  • – Philip Ware
  •    BBA, 2013

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