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School of Business

School of Business

Launch a business career

Business is more than just numbers and charts: UFV’s Business program prepares you for the real world through enriching learning experiences, and courses taught by instructors with industry experience. Employers are looking for graduates that are ready to hit the ground running. UFV helps you make the best impression by making sure you are “job-ready” by the time you graduate.

‌The UFV BBA degree program prepares you to work in the banking, accounting, marketing, finance, human resource management, international business, hospitality, sales, wholesaling and distribution, and manufacturing industries, and will assist you if you wish to operate your own business. It is also excellent preparation for post-graduate work or professional programs such as law.

Accreditation and memberships

For its high quality and international perspective the UFV Bachelor of Business Administration program is EFMD Accredited, recognizing it as an excellent business program around the globe. 

The UFV School of Business is a member of EFMD, one of the key bu‌siness schools networks in the world.‌‌

We pledge to provide responsible management education, research, and thought leadership through PRME.‌

EFMD Global Logo

W‌hat is EFMD?

The EFMD acronym refers to “European Foundation for Management Development” - it is a global, membership driven non-profit organization of both business schools and corporations regrouping several hundred members around the World. It is an accreditation body confirming the quality in management education with established accreditation services for business schools and business school programs, corporate universities, and technology-enhanced learning programs. EFMD aims at shaping an international approach to management education by offering a unique forum for information, research, networking, and debate on innovation and best practices in management development.

Why is EFMD important for the UFV School of Business?

Being an EFMD member gives the School of Business the unique opportunity to be part of the leading international network in the field of management development. This membership testifies the international dimension of the School’s programmes and its desire to evolve constantly through a continuous enriching interaction with peers to discuss, share and benchmark our experience as business schools. This membership also provides the school a lot of opportunities to interact with a global network of companies, public sector organisations, and consultancies.

EFMD Accredited Logo

What is the EFMD Accredited Bachelor?

The EFMD Accredited Bachelor is an international program accreditation system testifying quality of a business and/or management degree program that has an international perspective.

The accreditation process includes an in-depth review of the program through an international comparison and a well-defined benchmarking on wide range of aspects (program outcomes, program design, quality assurance, impact on community, etc.) This particular accreditation currently includes more than 110 programs in 35 countries.

Why is EFMD Accredited Bachelor important for the UFV School of Business?

The EFMD Accredited Bachelor testifies that our teaching activities perfectly combined regionally/nationally relevant matters with internationally recognized standards. This is certainly the best credentials the School can offer to our prospective students.

What is PRME?

PRME stands for Principles for Responsible Management Education – it is a United Nations supported platform (founded in 2007) aiming at rising the sustainability profile of Business and Management Schools. PRME engages with educators in business to ensure that the UN Sustainable Development Goals are part of their everyday activities.

Why is PRME important for the UFV School of Business?

Being part of the PRME initiative shows how the School of Business plays an active role in the integration of the UN SDGs in the education of the future leaders. This PRME logo is a signal for prospective students ensuring them that they get the skills needed to become responsible leaders balancing economic and sustainable goals.

Customize your degree with a major in accounting, finance, human resource management, or marketing. You specialize in a function area of business by taking a selection of prescribed courses as your upper-level electives.

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During your studies, you engage with professors with years of direct industry experience and research expertise. During case related activities, classroom discussion is elevated through meaningful dialogue and passionate debate.

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Whether it is studying abroad at one of our partner universities, attending lectures being taught by one of our diverse faculty, or by earning your degree at our satellite campus in Chandigarh, India, the School of Business will help you on your path.

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