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Oak & Earth

Oak & Earth is a social enterprise dedicated to helping improve the lives of Indigenous peoples in the Fraser Valley. We market, produce, and sell handcrafted soy candles, then invest a portion of the profits in our partner organization, the Fraser River Indigenous Society (FRIS). This partnership allows us to work closely with the organization to support the Indigenous community.

Our goal is to provide the FRIS with funding and to promote the programs and services they offer to members of their community. You can learn more on their website, here.

Enactus UFV Oak & Earth collage

Big Brain Literacy Program

Big Brain Literacy Program (BBLP) is a workshop based program that bridges the gap of financial education for students. BBLP focuses primarily on teaching new international students at the University of the Fraser Valley along with high school students approaching life after graduation. Through BBLP, students are led through interactive workshops that teach them skills on how to budget, save money, and make educated financial decisions.

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