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School of Business

Future course offerings

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Tentative first & second year future course offerings

BUS 100  BUS 100  BUS 100
BUS 160/CIS 110  BUS 160/CIS 110  BUS 160/CIS 110
BUS 120  BUS 120  BUS 120
BUS 145
 BUS 145  BUS 145
BUS 201
 BUS 201  BUS 201
BUS 203
 BUS 203  BUS 203
BUS 204  BUS 204  BUS 221
BUS 221  BUS 221  BUS 226
BUS 226  BUS 226  BUS 227
BUS 227  BUS 227  BUS 247
BUS 245  BUS 247  BUS 249
BUS 247  BUS 249  BUS 261
BUS 249  BUS 261  
BUS 261    



Although the School of Business aims to plan course offerings in advance, there are instances where a course may be changed or canceled.

Please see Math and Statistics upcoming courses and Communications upcoming courses for additional information.

Please note ECON 100, ECON 101, ENGL 105, CMNS 125 are typically offered every semester.

BUS courses offerings are published in the Timetable. Please see Semester Info FAQ for information on when the next timetable will be available, and where to find the Timetable. Some of the BUS courses listed above may be offered in additional semesters not identified.

For all course descriptions, including information on prerequisites, please see the Academic Calendar.

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