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The UFV School of Business actively supports and encourages student research. As such, our students are actively conducting research on real-life projects, attending case competitions, and sharing their research findings among their peers in the UFV community.

Every year, UFV hosts one large research event for students, another incredible opportunity that makes the UFV School of Business unique.

Some of our recent undergraduate student research includes:

2015 Industry Liaison Research award winners

Students: Muhanna Alsuwayti, Kyle Hayhow, Kaitlin Hodson, Gouwei Jiang & Shun Wang

Project title: Increasing Attendance at the Abbotsford Agrifair

Faculty Supervison: David Dobson

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2015 Student research day Dean's award winners

Students: Brendan Almond & Rachel Waslesky

Project title: Looming Facts: Environmental Impact on Clothing Purchasing Behaviour

Faculty supervisor: David Dobson

2015 School of Business student research day winner

Student: Matthew Kidwell

Project title: Market Research Report Coast Capital Savings

Faculty supervisor: DJ Sandhu

2014 student research day winner

Student: Harjyot Samra

Project title: Student motivations for engaging in research

Faculty supervisor: Dr. Marcella La Fever

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2014 undergraduate research excellence award winners

Students: Samantha Bleich, Katherine Irving, Arpit Mittal, John van Steenis, & Robin Weise

Project title: Understanding the Abbotsford Heat Fan Experience and Expectations

Faculty supervisor: David Dobson

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