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Academic Advising Centre

Meet with an academic or peer advisor

Connect with an advisor throughout your university journey

Academic advisors are here to help you at any stage of your educational journey. Whether you are looking to explore majors, figure out what courses to take, make or update a program plan, or are experiencing academic challenges, advisors can help you make the right decisions to reach your educational goals.


What type of appointments are available?

  • In-person (at Abbotsford or Chilliwack campus)
  • Virtual (Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate)
  • Phone

Current student (Domestic and International)

All students

Book an appointment with a completion, qualifying studies, or program advisor if you:

  • Have been admitted or conditionally admitted to a program(including Qualifying Studies, English Language Studies, Adult Basic Education, or University Foundation certificate)
  • Are currently pursuing your studies at UFV2
  • Are switching programs3
  • Are a visiting student

BA or BSc students

Book an appointment with a peer advisor if you:


  • Have been admitted or conditionally admitted the BA or BSc degree
  • Have completed fewer than 30 credits
  • Have a GPA above 2.0
  • Are planning to come alone to your appointment, without a supporter


Book a completion/program advisor or a peer advisor

Meet with an advisor for the program you are admitted to, even if you are new to UFV and have not yet taken any classes.

We recommend that you book an appointment at least once a year or every 30 credits.

Not sure how many credits you have? Check step 6 of Which program am I in? guide.

Future or returning student (Domestic)

Future students

Book an appointment with the Future Students Office if you are:


  • Not yet admitted to a program, and exploring fields of study at UFV


Connect with a student recruiter »

Returning students

Book an appointment with a Qualifying Studies advisor if you:


  • Are coming back to UFV after being absent for 1 year or more
  • Returning after being required to withdraw


Book in Abbotsford »

Book in Chilliwack »

Book a virtual appointment »



 Safety first!

Your safety is extremely important to us which means that we will not conduct appointments with you when you are in a moving vehicle.


Adriana Salvadinho

A friend of mine suggested to see an advisor before starting the semester and ever since, I have always met with an advisor before taking any courses. My advisor has been helping me with career planning, course planning, program transfer and any additional questions I have about my program.

— Adriana Salvadinho


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Prepare for your appointment

To ensure you make the most of your appointment, follow these tips.

Reschedule/cancel your booking

Please do your best to provide 48h advance notice.