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Academic Advising Centre

Which program am I in?

Follow the steps below to confirm your program of study at UFV.


Log in my UFV and navigate to Student Services

Log in myUFV. On the Home tab, click the Student information link. A new tab will open with a list of Student Services' links.

Finding my program — Step 1


Click Student Records

Under Student Services, click Student Records to access the Student Records' links.

Finding my program - step 2


Click Electronic Academic Record

Under Student Records, click Electronic Academic Record.

Finding my program - step 3


Under Electronic Academic Record Options, click Submit

Under Electronic Academic Record Options, click Submit. There is no need to change the selection in the drop-downs. Your Electronic Academic Record will display.

finding my program - step 4


Find your program

Under the Curriculum Information heading, your Electronic Academic Record will show the program you are in, as well as your major and related department.

If you need to change your major, book an appointment with an advisor. To change your program, you are required to reapply.

Finding my program - step 5


How many credits do I have?

To check the number of credits that you have achieved either scroll down to the bottom of the Electronic Academic Record or click "Transcript Totals" at the top of the screen.

Shows how to check how many credits you have achieved by referencing your unofficial student transcript in MyUFV.