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Learn to sift facts from fiction in a media-rich culture

Learn to sift facts from fiction in a media-rich culture

In a sea of social media posts, digital avatars, and fake news, the ability to evaluate content to weigh its value is more necessary than ever.

This is why UFV offers a three-course, nine-credit Media Literacy associate certificate to teach you to ask the right questions about what you watch, read, or share.

Find out how communication technologies are shaping your world. Examine how the media select and shape content, and the effects of these decisions on individuals and society. Learn to think critically about your own media consumption to be a smart consumer of information. And discover how to craft and share media messages with integrity and effectiveness.

The Media Literacy certificate is especially useful if you communicate with the media in your employment, or if you teach media literacy in elementary, secondary, or adult-education schools.

You can either complete the associate certificate as a credential to enhance your résumé, or as part of almost any UFV program.

Career outlook for Media Literacy

Once upon a time, reading, writing, and arithmetic were the basic skills necessary for most jobs. But now, media literacy has become the new literacy.

With the growth of digital technologies, more people than ever are required to create and share media as part of their job. Media and communications skills are becoming essential for an increasingly wide range of roles in human resources, sales, customer service, hospitality, education, business, marketing, and more.

Showcasing a Media Literacy associate certificate on your résumé can help you stand out if you apply for a job that requires the ability to critically assess content for use in traditional or digital media. Completing a Media Literacy associate certificate can also be an excellent professional development opportunity if you are a teacher or instructor.