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Scientific and technological advances over the past few years have contributed significantly to the dawning of an information age. Computerization, globalization, innovation, and change itself are primary characteristics of this new era. These characteristics are reflected in the science and technology-based courses and programs at UCFV. The Faculty of Science and Technology has been organized to administer and foster development of a wide variety of such courses. The current programs, which vary from specific skill-based apprenticeship or one-year certificate programs to two-year diploma or associate degree programs to four-year degree programs, are designed to provide students with both the knowledge and skills training that they will require in order to pursue careers in science or a technology-related area. Co-operative Education is offered in some programs. Several new programs are being developed at the degree and diploma levels, and all current programs are being revised regularly to keep them relevant and current. Students interested in any of the programs in this division are encouraged to contact the appropriate department head or the Dean’s office.

Dean: K. Wayne Welsh, BSc (Alta), PhD (UBC)
Dean’s Office: B315, Abbotsford Campus
Phone: (604) 864-4630; Fax: (604) 859-6653

Administrative Assistant: Priscilla Fouquette
Phone: (604) 864-4642

Science Advisor: Janelle Dick, BSc (UCFV)
Room B310B, Abbotsford Campus
Phone: (604) 853-7441 (local 4756)

The Faculty of Science and Technology offers the following programs:


        - Milker Training
        - Integrated Pest Management
        - Livestock Production
        - Ornamental Horticulture
        - Horticulture
        - Integrated Pest Management
        - Livestock Production

Computer Information Systems

   - Micro-computers in Business
      - Computer Information Systems
      - Bachelor of Computer Information Systems

Health Sciences
        - Certified Dental Assistant
        - Home Support/Resident Care Attendant (subject to funding)
        - Resident Care Attendant
      - Nursing
        - Bachelor of Science in Nursing
        - RN Access degree

Kinesiology and Physical Education
      - Fitness and Exercise Management
      - Fitness and Exercise Management
      - (pending)

    Engineering transfer
    Associate of Science degree
    Bachelor of Science

     - Majors in: biology, chemistry(new), physics(new), and mathematics and statistics(new)
     - Minors in: biology, chemistry, mathematics, mathematics (statistics option), physics

Trades and Technology
        - Auto Technician
        - Carpentry
        - Drafting
        - Heavy Duty/Commercial Transport
        - Joinery
        - Parts and Warehousing
        - Welding

University Transfer courses
        - Biology, chemistry, computing science, engineering, kinesiology, and physics.

General Studies in the Faculty of Science and Technology

The General Studies category is designed for students wishing to take courses for their own interest or to help them in choosing a direction of study. As a General Studies student, you may take arts, science, and/or applied courses. General Studies is not a true “program”; it has no structured group of courses. Students can apply later for any of the associate, diploma, or degree options at UCFV. Credit is given for courses recognized by your chosen option. University-level courses can be transferred to another institution. For more details, see Guidelines for Transfer to Other Universities.

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